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15, Female Student ID: 228KDGE012JYF Germany

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear future host family,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

My name is Deborah and I live in Germany near Cologne. I just turned fourteen in August. By the time I go to America, I am going to either be newly fifteen or about to turn fifteen in a few days. I grew up with four siblings and two amazing and loving parents. My dad, Klaus, is a mathematician but his fascination for math couldn’t quite reach me honestly. But I do share a passion for reading with my doctor (and mother). Normally we don’t have the same taste in books but once in a while we do have our little similarities. I also have two of the cutest cats in the universe! I love my little babies with my whole heart.

Next to reading, I have two other active hobbies. One of them is horse riding. I have participated in this hobby for more than three and a half years. I am by no means a champion or something similar, but once a week I forget about other problems and just concentrate and laugh about my problems there. Am I moving my feet at the wrong pace? Maybe holding the reins wrong? But most of the time it’s just my horse, Curley, being adorable and lazy as always. Sometimes tough, everything goes perfect and then I just feel happy.

The other hobby is dancing. I am part of a carneval dancing group for more than five years. One of my favorite photos actually hangs framed above my bed. It shows me right in the middle of the stage, doing a split (I am one of the more flexible girls in our group) while the other dancers are behind me doing a lifting figure. I always adored the spotlight. There are multiple stories of little Deborah being a little extravagant. For example, there is one story from when I was about seven or six years old. We had a family dinner, and I had a loose tooth. Of course, I had to tell everyone and by the time we ate cake everybody had given me tips on how I could make it get out. I don’t know how we got it out but when dinner came around little Deborah had a tooth gab. I ended up accidently letting the tooth fall, naturally after that everybody (even the elders) had to search under the table to find it.

That is of course a rather extreme story, but I was younger anyway. Dancing was the perfect option; I could participate I something I grew to love and be on a stage. I’m not alone in the spotlight, but I think sharing it makes it even better. Although due to my flexibility I am being seen quite often right at the front just like I am in the picture.

I was also always fascinated by make-up. Since I was little on almost every Santa’s list or birthday wishlist you could find some sort of “Disney princess eyeshadow palette” or something like that. No one would have wondered, after all I had a big sister who was always a fashion icon. (at least in my eyes but elementary school isn’t quite the model agency anyways) I grew out of that phase, but my passion for make-up stayed.

There are many things I am passionate about, like the marvel movies.

The themes I am most passionate about are the ones I debate all the time. I’ve spent so many dinners debating with my brother about politics (He playfully disagrees with me about every topic), I’ve lost count…

Getting on that topic… I was never an A student. I was always a little lazy and dreamed too much while in class. That didn’t stop me from going to a “Gymnasium” (In German it doesn’t have the same meaning as in English) though. In most parts of Germany, after four years of elementary school, you go to a “weiter führende Schule” or continuing school. It’s like high school but there are multiple expectation levels. I go to (next to most private schools) the one with the highest expectation level. While the other school’s students graduate after ten years, my school type lasts twelve or thirteen years.

Back to the topic I originally left of, I was never an A student. But the dream of coming to America for a year makes me work hard on becoming one.

I learn English and Latin in school, with English even being my favorite subject. (I did also learn a bit of French, but that didn’t end very well / I can’t really remember much)

I met all of my closest friend in school. My longest friend, we’ve been friends for almost nine years now. After meeting and befriending each other back in first grade, we went together to our continuing school. There we met two other close friends. We didn’t all became friends on the first day but when the start of seventh grade came around, we were already an “engeschweißtest team” or how you would translate in in English “a welded team”. They mean a lot to me and I will sure miss them a lot, but I can’t wait to meet new people, including you, in the USA!

Thank you for taking you time

See you around!

Deborah 🙂

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