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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

I´m Diego and I’m a fifteen years old boy who lives in Murcia, a little province located in the southeast of Spain. The name of the capital of the province is Murcia too. Around 400.000 people live in the city. Murcia is a typical Spanish city but, at the same time, one of the most beautiful. It has some iconic places like the cathedral, the major street or several historical squares. (Some of these places are shown in a video I recorded for you.)

Why do I want to go to the USA?

I want to participate in the student exchange experience in America because I’m sure it´ll be a very enriching experience for me, both personally and academically.

Regarding personal experience, I think that the J1 program gives me a great opportunity. Since I was a child, I have always been travelled. I’ve been to quite a few countries, but I haven’t been to the USA. So I think that this program is a very good opportunity for it.

Being an exchange student in the USA is one of the best ways to learn about American culture, customs and traditions. It is also an exceptional chance to establish lifelong friendships with you and with my future classmates at the high school.

I´m also interested in family life. My thought is that making new relationships with my host family can be great. I would like to have host brothers of a similar age to mine.

Regarding the academic aspects, I think the idea of mixing traditional subjects (such as maths, physics…) with other subjects can be new for me. It results very interestingly for me.

Of course, I also expect to improve my English skills.

Additionally, I love sports so I think that the experience of American sports will be very good for me. I will have the opportunity to improve my basketball performance and the possibility of trying a few different sports, such as baseball, hockey, football…


I am an only child. My small family consists of my mom, my dad and me. For three of four months each year, my grandmother also temporarily lives with us at home.

There in the USA, I would like to have numerous family members, especially brothers or sisters. I want to socialize with them.

My mom is a biologist. She works at a microbiological lab in a large agricultural company focused on the production of seedlings. My dad is PhD in Computer Science. Actually, he works as a civil servant as part of the management staff of a public research centre.

I really like to spend time with them. Frequently, we watch TV shows and films together. Two or three days per week, we hang out together to have a walk around our neighbourhood or the downtown. In addition, twice a month we go to dinner in a restaurant.

In the summer holidays, we try to travel. Both into and outside Spain. Last summer I travelled to some provinces of Castilla y Leon, Spain (Castilla y Leon is a region located in the centre of Spain). In 2019, I visited Berlin. It was my last trip abroad.

School and Friends.

I study in a small high school with around six hundred students. I love my high school because people are too family; they do my time there better. There I made many friends, who are my friends currently. My favourite subjects are math and physics education.

At this moment, my closest friends are the friends from my high school. I do a lot of activities with them, such as have to walk along the river, going to dinner in a restaurant or in a park, make parties…

I´m proud to have been able to keep a good relationship with my friends from primary school and also meet new people and make new friends. I hang out with my friends ever I can (weekends, holidays…). I also have friends to play basketball, I met them in my basketball team or in the basketball courts of my town and in the time they became my friends.


I´m a very active person who needs to be constantly doing things, so I have a lot of hobbies (watching TV shows, playing video games, listening to music…). My favourite activity is basketball. I´m in the team of my town. In my team, I´m the forward. We train basketball four days a week and we play matches all the weekends. This season we´re getting good results. I have been practising basketball since I was ten years old. Before, I practised soccer and judo.

In my profile, I share some videos for you to know me better.

Finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me and I promise that we´ll have a lot of good experiences together and we´ll make a close relationship.

Goodbye, thank you very much. See you soon.


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