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Dear Host family,

Thank you for reading this letter I hope you like it. My name is Diego and I am 14 years old, and the next year, in USA, I will be 15. I have two siblings. My brother, who is 19 years old, is studying in the university and he loves doing sport, especially triathlon. My sister is 17 and she does music and sport. My mother works as a GP and loves reading and writing. She also plays padel with my father. Finally, my father is a teacher and likes playing tennis, golf and padel with my mother. We all love doing things together: playing, doing sport (padel, golf,..) and travelling.

We live in a village near Madrid, where I go to school. It has 50.000 inhabitants and it has a lot of countryside to run, do bicycle and play around.

I am very sociable, and I like to meet new people and go to new countries. When I like a school subject, I show interest in learning it. One thing I am good at are sports, that I practise them since I was little. I am good at learning languages because I have already done two exchanges in France and Germany. Many times, I need a lot of time to decide what to choose when there are different options. Sometimes , I am stubborn with some things. And I am not very organised, like sometimes I lose worksheets that they give me in school, or I forget some things…

I want to go to the USA to learn English, to learn the traditions there and a lot of more things, but the most important to me is that it is an experience in life that can be very good for me or maybe with some things that are a little different as I expected but I am going to live it once in life so I have to conform to the given circumstances.

As I have already said, I like doing sport. I practice tennis, voleyball, golf and my favourite sport: soccer that my favorite team is atleti. And I love watching soccer matches. I also play sometimes padel with my family and before, I practiced triathlon too, but I did not have enough time, so I stopped. Some hobbies that I also have are playing music, hanging out with my friends and cooking. What I like the most of cooking is the last part: eating. I love all type of food but I think my favourite foods are lasagna and cheese.

If I could, I would like to be in a school where there are a lot of activities and sports.

Thank you for embracing me in this especial year for me in the US.


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