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15, Male Student ID: 231BFEKOR016JYM South Korea

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello! I’m Donghyeon from South Korea. First of all, thank you for participating in the student exchange program. I think this program give many students around the world an amazing opportunity to learn about the bigger world. I live in one of the big cities in Korea. I’m 16 years old in Korean age, 15 in international age. I am interested in mathematics, especially topology and analysis. I applied to this program to make foreign friends and learn America culture.

If your family have children, we can have lot of conversation and learn each other’s culture. If they want to learn Korean, I can help them. Even if I may be alone with no siblings, I can get along fine with your family members. I’ve been using language exchange study class for years so there should be no particular trouble to talk to your family members.

To introduce my family, I live with my mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, and one dog. My family members are all catholic. So sometimes we go to catholic church. If you are Christian or catholic, I can go to church with your family together!

And about my school, I’m in third grade in boys’ middle school. In Korea, the order of education is like this: (elementary school(6 years) -> middle school(3 years) -> high school(3 years) -> college) My school foundation has total 4 schools. Boy’s middle school, girl’s middle school, boy’s high school, girl’s high school. (In korea, a lot of schools are boy’s or girl’s school) I learn mathematics, science, Korean, history, English, software, social studies at my school. My favorite subject is mathematics. I belong to science, mathematics and sports club. In sport club, we usually play soccer and basketball. I really like sports but I’m not good at it. I hope to improve my sports ability in America:)

I’m ready to take an active part in all the activities that host family do, such as sports, gardening, playing instruments and so much more while I stay in America. I think I can become one of your family members. As for me, I would like to share everything I know of Korean culture (k-pop, Korean food, language, life style etc..) with my host family. For example, we can make Korean food together and play popular Korean outdoor games (red light and green light etc). I’ve been to China and Singapore too, so this program might be a good opportunity to experience other country’s culture for your family too!

I’m very excited to go to America next year. I can’t wait to attend American high school and become a foreign son in your host family!

Thank you for reading my letter, and may your family be full of blessings.

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