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16, Female Student ID: 201WSBR085JYF Brazil

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



The United State of America is a first world country, with a rich culture and great infrastructure. I lived in Brazil my whole live, a place that I truely love, but I can’t deny it’s still under development. I really wish to live in a country that all the others see as a role model.

Beyond the life quality, I want with this exchange student program have new study opportunities. The american school system is totaly different from the one where I live, I want to learn in different ways and have a High School experience.

I also play basketball, one of my biggest passions. I always had great facility with physical activities and started training with eight years old. I already have the honor of playing at the Brazil’s national team, the first time in the South American U15 Championship and another in the FIBA U16 Americas Championship. I have already been named the best South-Brazilian player of my age.

Basketball in Brazil, unfortunately, is a tough sport to play, the lack of investment makes me really disappointed. In the other hand, playing basketball in United States is a dream come true. Championships of high level and awesome trainings.

Since I was a little kid my parents always said to me that no one lives just with sports, you need to make the same – or even more- effort that you make in the gym while you’re studying. Therefore I always pushed myself to be an A/A+ student in all classes, and I accomplished my goals.

My parent are wise and dedicated people, they work a lot so they are almost never at home. Me and my sister had to learn to take care of ourselves: to cook our own food, to clean our house, to go where we want without them… We learned to be independent people – only depending, of course, of their money – when we were just ten years old.

It may seems that I am complaining of the way my parents raised me, but it’s totally the opposite. I am very thankful for all they taught me. They created a mature girl that works hard for her dreams. Doing an exchange student program and living in US is one of my dreams, that is why I am writing this letter and that is why I take English classes since I was four years old.

Other thing that has always made my eyes shine is traveling, getting in contact with other cultures and opening my mind for different lifestyles. I expect that, while living and studying in the United States, I’ll be able to have the routine of an american native, improve my English skills and create memories that I’ll save during my whole live.

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