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16, Male Student ID: 208EFFI001JYM Finland

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My name is Eero and I’m a 16 years old boy from Finland. I would describe myself as a kind and social teenager who loves sports and travelling.

I play floorball in my free time and I follow other sports too such as Formula 1, soccer, NHL, etc. I live with my family which includes my mom, dad, brother and sister. They are very supportive of everything I do or what I am interested in. I am grateful for providing for me an absolutely amazing opportunity to experience exchange year in the USA.

I’m currently studying at a local high school. It’s my first year in high school and it has been great. My favorite subjects in school are Maths, Physics, History and English. I don’t have a clear vision yet what I want to do after the high school but at the moment I am thinking if business and international affairs education would be possible.

I have lots of my friends in my school and in my floorball team. I have floorball trainings 3-4 times a week and a match every weekend. Me and my friends spend time usually playing videogames, watching movies or just hanging out. Here in Finland, it is very common that teenagers are allowed to spend time outside their homes by themselves due to the safety of our nation. I understand that this is not necessarily similar in USA.

At summer time, we usually go to swimming in the closest lake or biking somewhere. In winter, we don’t do much anything outside because it’s so cold (during winters the temperature we have is usually between -0 -> -15 Celsius which is apprx. +32 -> +5 Fahrenheit). So I’m more a summer person 😉

I can’t wait for my time in the USA as an exchange student.

Thank you for hosting me!

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