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18, Female Student ID: 198ESSW011JYF Sweden

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Hello to my future host family! My name is Emma, and I´m a girl from Sweden.

As a person, people around me describe me as kind, adventurous, caring, and funny. I agree with them, and I also think that I´m very driven and ambitious. I study social science as my alignment, and that program contains courses in for example Swedish, English, Spanish, Social science, Psychology, Leadership, and Communication. I care about school very much and spend many hours on studying. My favorite subjects in school are languages. I would like to learn French someday. As you may notice, different cultures and languages interest me. Therefore, I love traveling and to experience new places in the world. Summer is my favorite season, since I love sun and warm weather. I am not religious myself, but I am open to the experience of learning about other cultures and religions. My parents separated when I was five years old, and now I live with my mother. My sister is temporary in Australia for 1 year.

My biggest interest in life is fashion. In the future I aspire to become a stylist, although I haven´t had the chance to work in fashion yet, since it is hard to find work in the industry for a young girl at my age. I really like children, so because of that I have been working as a swimming teacher for about 2 years. I also work as a saleswoman at a store. I have a bigger sister who appreciate so much, but unfortunately no younger siblings. When I was younger I attended many sports, and the ones that my eyes stopped for was swimming, soccer and cheerleading. I practiced cheerleading for about 6-7 years and my team and I competed in many different contests. We won SM (which is the Swedish championship) 2 times. I miss it very much, because I had to quit when I broke my foot 4 years ago. I would love to continue cheerleading in an American team when I arrive in America.

My other interests are music, and hanging out with friends and family. My taste in music is parted, but mostly I listen to pop, indie, and also soul, and hip-hop/rap. My favorite song is called “Empire state of mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-C. My favorite artist is Tove Lo. Me and my friends likes to go to the movies, eat dinner at home or at restaurants, listen to music and attend different festivals/concerts. Sometimes we just hang around at someone´s place and talk! We also like “fika”, as we call it in Sweden, which is like drinking coffee and eat come cake or other sweets. My favorite film is “LOL” with Miley Cyrus, who by the way were my idol when I was younger.

My love for pets is tremendous! When I was younger I had 3 cats, but sadly they all past away when I was little. I have always wanted a dog, but unfortunately my family and I don´t have the time to care of a pet here in Sweden. My biggest fear is snakes (and I´m still afraid of the dark). My favorite food of all time is pizza, but I also enjoy different kinds of salads and tacos very much. I prefer rather healthy food, but as mentioned, I love pizza.

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