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15, Male Student ID: 198INSP127JYM Spain

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Hi, I’m Enrique and I’m 15 years old. If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a very open person who likes to meet new people from other countries, I am also a sportsman, talkative, and very funny.

I always like to encourage my friends and make them laugh and have a good time.

I also like to sing, dance and play instruments although the instrument that I play the most is the guitar.

I live in the south of Spain and have been in several cities living because my father travels a lot and we usually go with him.

I really like Spain because it is a country where you live very well and you never get bored because there are a lot of monuments and things to see. I also like the traditional holidays like the Holy-Easter week because it has a lot of charm and we always have a great time.

I have two little sisters, the oldest who is 13 and the little one who is 8 years old. My father is Bank Manager and my mother is a housewife

We all get along very well since I am a family person who likes to be surrounded by family. Many times we go to the countryside house to spend weekends, Christmas or holidays and we have a great time.

I like to be active, I go with my sister to the gym and we both like music.

Another thing that I really like is technology, for example Apple or Tesla, which are my favorite companies.

I am currently in a religious school and I am in 4th grade Secondary School (10th grade). My favorite subjects are physics and computer science. My school is very large compared to those of Spain.

What I really want to study is something related to music but if not I will study something related to computer science and computers since I believe it is the future.

I am a friendly boy who likes to be with nice and sincere persons.

I usually join my friends at school and we usually talk or dance at recess. After school, when I get home, I rest and I usually study. Afterwards I sometimes meet my friends at home or in the gym. On weekends we usually meet or talk on the phone, we are always connected because we are like brothers and we have a lot of confidence

I help at home and l tidy my room since I am very neat.

One of the reasons I want to participate in the program is to share cultures, get to know a new world and new people. This is experience will be great for my future life.

Thank you very much for your hospitality and for the opportunity that you are giving me to share with you a year of my life. I am very excited to teach you things about Spain and I have many videos made to explain how are the traditions of my country.

See you soon.

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