My name is Franco. I like my name because it’s a typical Italian name, it’s also common in Spain but I’m not from Spain, I was born in Argentina. Franco is the same as Frank in English. However you call me, I’m a boy who lives in a small city in the north of Italy.

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this letter! These words will finally allow me to find such wonderful people as you that, will help me to realize my dream: improve my English in a huge way and relate with people of different cultures.

What about my real family. My father is a employee, my mother is a secretary. I don’t have brothers or sisters but I always wanted one. We all live in the centre of a small city in the North of Italy. I think my city is quite famous because a lot of famous films have been filmed here and because popular people live here.

I attend the linguistic high school and I study English, French and German. Strangely I like studying and I’ve never had any problem at school. I don’t know where my love for English comes from, but I’ve always been able to understand it or speak it quite naturally, so that I’ve never had to study it hard.

I do a lot of sport: in fact I play tennis 3 hours every day because one of my dreams is to become a professional tennis player. I also play tournaments for example last year I played 3 tournaments in Germany with players from each country of the world. Music is another of my passions. My favorite genres of music are rock and nu-metal and my favorite artists are Linkin-Park and Bring Me The Horizon.

I also like reading books. I often try them in English so that I can improve. On Saturdays and Sundays when I don’t play tennis I usually go out with my friends or play Playstation with them. I also love to spend time with my family in fact we watch a lot of movies together.

My dream is to study in an American university and to play tennis there.

Last but not least I think there is always something to learn from the others so after this I know I will be very richer thanks to you and everyone I’ll meet there.

I don’t like to cause problems so I’m calm and obedient. I’m rarely sad; I always try to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I think that I can be a good friend and a good exchange student helping you whenever you need a hand and hoping you’ll do the same for me.

I found on the web a sentence that totally reflects what I think about exchanges: “exchange isn’t a year in our life it’s a life in a year”

I hope I’ll feel part of the your family and you’ll be proud of me, as I would like that this experience won’t be great just for me but also for you.

See you soon

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