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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello host family! First of all, I would like to thank you that you take the time to read my letter. I am looking forward to seeing you. Will it be hard to match up with you? I believe that if I put in 100% effort, there is nothing that I would not be able to handle.

I believe we are very similar, why do I say that? I am passionate about volunteer work since I hold the belief that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. I focused on providing necessary assistance to those homeless, I got an enormous sense of achievement when those “street mates” put a smile on their faces. As for you as a host family, you volunteer to open your home to an exchange student for a year so that they can participate in this exchange program, which is going to change their (my) life.

Let me describe more about myself, starting from a typical day in my life as a student. I usually wake up at around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. I go to school punctually by walking after settling down all the work that I have to finish in the morning. My school is having a whole day lesson currently since the fulfillment of the vaccine to COVID, it is as normal as the previous year that the covid has not gone viral. I approximately reach home at 4 pm if I do not have to attend any extracurricular activities. I probably do some revisions or spend some nice time reading a book or watching some educational youtube videos, such as about the origin of humans.

Would you like to know why I want to join this program? I look forward for having fruitful and various experiences, such as experiencing a slew of new things in the USA. I aimed to do so, so when I reach there, I would like to have an implementation of my plan which is to give everything a try. I would also like to improve my English in both spoken and written and to expand my horizons. Also, as a cultural exchange ambassador, I would like to be conscientious by telling my own culture to my classmates, host family and be curious and open-minded to learn their culture.

I hold the belief that I am fitting in this program since I am committed to equipping myself in different ways with diverse skills or abilities. It would perfectly match the requirements of this program. I am appropriate as I have a strong interest in the culture of my country, especially ideology so I have studied a lot on the relevant topics. And I am inquisitive, so I could be a sponge to acquire all the knowledge about the USA. For instance, the history, and the legislative system of the USA. I could bring my own to the USA, vice versa. I simply look forward to learning more about the cultures and knowledge of the USA.

For my responsibilities in this program, I fully understand that the host family volunteer to share their lives with me by providing any necessary assistance such as daily meals and I needs to adapt to a different lifestyle. I already anticipated all the changes it might be. Although adapting to new and unfamiliar surroundings might be a challenge for me, I am adaptable to confront every difficulty that might happen. I perhaps will have bad feelings there when I first arrive, but as time goes by, I believe that I will be able to handle it. Communication could solve all the issues. I will be committed to having it to address problems with the host family on those challenging parts, which is the vigilance of strangers.

For my personality, I am flexible and adaptable. I am always open to changes, I can address them well with my observation, analytical power. I am flexible when I am addressing any work. For instance, I had a part-time job during my last summer holiday. I had completed all of my work, however, my boss told me that I needed to finish an urgent document which was left by an absent colleague. I instantly contacted the customer to explain the possible delay, and linked up with other colleagues to finish it. Although I have much over-time of work, I finally complete it on time. My boss eventually gave me appreciation and acknowledgment that I am eager to learn new things and have passion in every field and I have a proactive attitude, accuracy, and productivity.

I have talked abouy many of my presents. Let’s move on to something about my future such as my goals. I would like to contribute to society as I have worked with social issues in my last part-time job. I saw many inequalities, it caused me to aim for eliminating them if I have that capability. Apart from that, I would like to be a responsible citizen. So the first step is to equip me with academic qualifications, to expand my horizons, and always hold the conscience. I believe that I will succeed on every face if I could be determined and persevere to do it.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to get to know me better. I am looking forward to becoming a family member in your family and spend a great and unforgettable year together.

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