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16, Female Student ID: 208SVIT006JYF Italy

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This is the last step to make my biggest dream true, an experience that will change my life and will make me grow up and hopefully will make me a better girl also thanks to your help. I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to have this beautiful chance.

Right time now to introduce myself: my name is Gaia and I’m 16 years old. I live in a small town near a larger city, it isn’t really well-served with public transports and I’ve always preferred the big city, despite the peace and quietness that characterize the place where I live. Actually the larger city is a beautiful city but what I cannot stand is the climate. Generally in winter it’s very cold, rainy and foggy, right the opposite of what I like: sun and clear skies.

My small town is 15 minutes far from the city with car and 40 minutes with public transport, I have chosen to attend an high school in the city, giving priority to the school quality instead of the comfort; so every morning I have to go to school by public transport with a friend of mine. I don’t mind about the distance because I feel good at my school. This year I’m doing fine at school and I love what I study, especially foreign languages. I study English, French and Spanish and I really love their literatures because they transmit several and different emotions. My instinctive love for foreign languages this year has led me to begin a Chinese course, a language very different from the Italian one but, at the same time, really interesting. I have some difficulties in the scientific subjects but I never give up and I do all my best to achieve my goals. I’m very determined and precise as a student, but at home I usually leave my bedroom untidy for laziness…

Thanks to my determination and ambition I have decided to have an exchange year; I dare to say that I have a pretty clear idea about my future despite my young age. In fact I would like to take up a university course which includes foreign languages, in particular English, and law.

As a girl I’m very sensitive, extrovert, open to the dialogue, supportive , polite and cheerful, I also try to do my best anything I do. On the other hand I’m also moody and sometimes pessimist. I can be a good friend and a good daughter being myself at 100%, not hiding anything.

I’d like now to tell you something about my family that is the most important thing in my life. We are 5 in my family: my mum is an employee and a great mum, she always supports me and especially she listens to me and advice me for the best. My mum, along with my dad, always try to show me the glass-half-full and this has helped me in many occasions. My dad is an employee too and he is my “adventure companion”. He has sometimes brought me to concerts and every time we have really enjoyed every moments. We share the passion for music and we love discussing about our lasts discoveries about singers or songs. Furthermore I always manage to have fair conversations with him, even if I am quite stubborn and I don’t easily change my mind.

Finally we have my two brothers, Alberto who is 26 years old and Francesco who is 9 years old. I get on well with both of them despite they are completely different. Alberto is a security chief and, even though he is 10 years older than me, I never feel him distant as he has been always close to me. Being older than me he has helped me to understand many things. Alberto is very proud of me, of my school achievements and of the choice to attend a school year abroad. He’s one of my reference point and I know that whatever may happen he will be always on my side to make me happy. Francesco, the youngest, born unexpected, is a gift that has brought a great happiness in my family. He’s a bit shy and reserved. Actually we have a love-hate relationship and I like teasing him, despite I always help him studying. In these moments I feel very close to him as, on such occasions, he tells me what he has done during the day, opening himself to me as much as he can. In summer we always spend our holiday together, but since we love sea, a seaside resort can’t miss during our summer holidays. We love spending our time lying in the sun and taking chance to do some sports like beach volley, beach tennis, table tennis and swimming.

Another important figure in my life is my grandmother as I used to spend most of my afternoons with when I was a child playing in the garden and talking about everything. Every member of my family is supporting me in this incoming experience, believe in me, and this is very important to me.

I have several passions that I often find hard to cultivate because of school duties. I love playing tennis and I’ve been practicing it for 8 years but I’m also good at other sports too like volleyball. By the way tennis has always been part of my life, moreover my whole family share this passion, in fact sometimes we play some matches together. I hope to be able to try new sports in America or improve in some others, making new friends and new experiences that will help me to get used to your lifestyle. I’d like to mention even another passion: Art. I studied it for three years during the middle school and fortunately I started studying it again this year, so I have been to several exhibitions including a photo exhibition about the condition of children in some underdeveloped countries, about artists such as Frida Kahlo and Monet. In some afternoons when I do not have to study much, I try to cultivate my passion for reading: the stories that fascinate me the most are those full of twists or with interwoven plots that keep me reading till the end. Another thing I love is watching movies and TV series, especially in original language so to practice pronunciation and listening. I have a lot of fun hanging out with my friend. We often go out to eat and then we go for walks doing window shopping, I love being with people and even though I sometimes need my spaces, I adore sharing my experiences and my thoughts. I share another passion with my dad and it is soccer. In fact we both are supporters of an Italian soccer team and we love sharing the feeling of the matches. Generally we like taking part to sports events, we have also been to Monte Carlo for a tennis tournament and we really enjoyed it.

I have written this letter trying to make you understand as much as possible on paper who I am. I am very happy and I’m looking forward to everything to start, I am curious to discover and experience a new culture that I have always and only known through films or TV series. American’s culture includes a spirit of belonging, a feeling of union and gives importance to the traditions, which instead, in some parts of Italy, have been lost over the years. Lastly, I hope to live this experience feeling part of a family that will accompany me in this experience. See you soon.

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