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16, Male Student ID: 208SVIT045JYM Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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I am so grateful that you start to read my letter. My name is Giovanni and I am 16 years old. I am tall and slim with: green eyes, short dark blond hair and I wear glasses because without them I don’t see anything.

Then, after a little aspect description, I start to describe my personality. I am a normal boy, I am so happy and friendly, I am also generous, stubborn (when I start something, I have to finish that), competitive but also agitate (when I have to demonstrate something). To sum up and use a phrase from a film: “I am a hundred percent divergent”.

I am a various teenager in fact of music, I prefer pop music in particularly 70-80’s music with singers like Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen (the boss), Bob Marley, John Denver and Whitney Houston but I also listen group like Queen, Bon Jovi, Europe, Kiss, ACDC, Eagles and Spice girls but I don’t really like the rap and trap music.

My family is made up of four people: my sister is 13 years old, for her age she is tall and she have long blonde hair and brown eyes; my mother is 50 years old, she is tall with bark blonde hair and green eyes; my father is 60 years old, also him is tall but his hair are white and gray and his eyes are brown.

I always get along with everybody and with difficulty I have discussion with a family member actually we help together to overtake the problems that we meet, for example I help my sister for the math problems. My responsibility at home are to tidy my bedroom, make my bed, load and unload the dishwasher and during the summer time I cut the grass.

My hobbies are: skiing during the winter season, playing baseball during the spring and autumn season, during the summer season I like going to the sea, I go to the parish as a children entertainer, I also like play board games, see films but what I like most of all is going out with friends. Of course with so much hobbies I have so much friends, but with them I have different entertainment: with the ski friends we play board games like risk, monopoly or trivial; with the baseball friends we meet every in a house and spend our time cooking dinner and seeing films or after dinner go out and with the sea friends we spend our time playing every games in the seaside.

Sometimes I think about my future and I hope to become a doctor more precise an eye doctor, in fact the year abroad can help me to fulfill my dream because in the USA there are more laboratory lesson than the Italy lesson.

The reasons why I want to live with an American family are:

·Obviously to learn better the English and expand my personal vocabulary

·Know a new family with different routine from my family

From the family who will host me I haven’t so much expectation, I just want that the family will be friendly, they like sports, with another son with my same age or if it isn’t possible a son with the age near mine and if they can let my going out in the night (obviously I will come home before 10pm). That’s all I expect from my host family.

Thank you for reading the whole letter and I hope to meet you in person.

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