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16, Female Student ID: 228MSIT005JYF Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hi, I’m Giulia, a fairly sociable, cheerful and extroverted girl who doesn’t struggle to settle into new spaces. I love travelling and I can’t wait to live new experiences and challenges.

At first glance I may seem self-confident, but basically I show myself as such only to hide my insecurities, which are known only by the people I trust, and it is from them that I seek affection.

I am an impulsive person but I’m working on that.

One thing that bothers me is people chewing or drinking making noise or taking my things without my permission.

I am a girl who is committed to studying. I have good grades and also many friends at school. My favorite subjects are maths, English and Spanish. I am a class representative as I like to be the spokesperson for my classmates.

Many times I stay alone in my room reading books especially thrillers, watching TV and listening to music.

I like spending time with friends, going to the cinema together or going out in the evening to have fun. At the same time, I also love spending my spare time with my family.

In fact, for me the house is a place where friendship and fun with my family members are always present, a safe and quiet place to spend beautiful evenings, watching movies and eating popcorn or playing board games.

I have been practicing synchronized swimming for 7 years. I realized that it is the right sport for me. No sport has never aroused so much interest in me as synchronized swimming. Over time, I realized that I like water sports more because, being in contact with water, makes me feel free. When I am in training I am completely focused on what I have to do. When I dive underwater it is like entering another dimension and this frees me from everything around me, it is as if I forget all the anxieties and worries around me.

I am a cross between tidy and messy but if I see that there is too much mess I get annoyed and tidy up.

I really love celebrating birthdays, especially if I am the birthday girl. I really like all parties because they give me the opportunity to spend time with the people I love. My favorite holiday is Christmas. In fact, for me and my family, Christmas is a very important holiday, because it allows us to be together and organize beautiful advent treasure hunts.

I cant wait to meet you!

Best, Giulia

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