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15, Male Student ID: 218INSP416JYM Spain

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Bike Riding
Football (Soccer)


My name is Gonzalo. I’m a nice guy but I’m also shy and that’s why at first I find it hard to open up a little bit. I’m cheerful and I always think positive. I really like to do sports and I practice football, handball, ride motorbike, bike and I like to walk up the mountain. In winter I ski and do mountain rackets.

In my country we have very different landscapes. In a few hours you can be on the mountain or bathing on the beach. My city is full of history. The streets are beautiful and for me it is one of the most beautiful cities in my country.

I live with my mother, even though I see my father every day. My mother teaches creative writing while working on her new book, and she is doing the postgraduate degree in anthropology, with her I learn many cool things. My father is a businessman, he travels a lot because he has work outside my city even in my country. On one occasion I traveled with him to USA for work. I really like his profession.

With my father I ride my motorbike and ski. With my mother I hike and travel quite a lot in and out of my country.

The relationship with my parents is good, because when I live with my mother my relationship is stronger with her than with my father, although with my father I can talk about things I don’t do with my mother. Actually the relationship with my parents is very good and open.

I’m an only child but I have always been with my cousins, and also with the children of my parents’ couples. The relationship with them is very good and I see them every weekend.

I’m in grade 10. My favorite subjects are math, physical education and history. I go to a private, religious school. We started school when I was four and ended when we will 15. My classmates have been the same since we started the first day of school.

I would like to study economics so that I can continue with my father’s company, because I really like his work.

Every Friday I go out with my friends, we are a group of 14 guys who have known each other since I was five years old, some are from my school and some are not. When we go out we like to go to the park, buy some candies, and talk, other times we play basketball and football. On Saturdays we like to go and watch the football games of the team of my city. At the local holidays in my city we make same T-shirts and we go to the concerts in the afternoons.

I don’t go out with friends during the week. In the morning I go to class, I have lunch at home with my mother and in the afternoon I study. Sometimes I play a while on the Playstation.

I want to go to study in USA because I think it will be a unique experience, I am looking forward to learn a lot from your culture. Besides learning English I think is necessary for my professional future. I think we could exchange our cultures to learn from each other.

I went to Dublin to study english in a family home for one month . The experience was great, although the first few days I missed my house, then I was very sorry to leave. In Dublin I went to school in the mornings and in the afternoon I played football or rugby.

I have traveled to many foreign countries and every trip taught me many things. I really liked Poland because its way of living after its history is admirable.

Los Angeles has also been one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever made because it’s a very different city to the ones I knew.

I help my mother at home. I take care of my room and help in the kitchen. We always have lunch and dinner together. Sometimes when my mother arrives late for work, I make dinner. I like to cook and I try to cook new things.

In summer I always go to the beach with my father and I take surf courses. With my mother in the summer I travel to differents country.

During Christmas I am with my parents, my grandmother, uncles and cousins.My family lives in my city and I see them every week. Some weekends I sleep at my uncles’ house with my cousins or we sleep at my grandmother’s house.

Thank you for this opportunity. I think the experience you’re going to give me is the best gift possible. Thanks a lot. I’m excited to meet you.

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