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16, Male Student ID: 228ICSP204JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello Host Family!

I’m Gonzalo and I will explain to you who I am and what I like.

First of all, I consider myself a responsible and hardworking person that will end up doing what I’ve proposed myself. Also, I’m not a very sporty person I rather prefer playing chess and puzzles, although I have practiced many sports throughout my life, like soccer, paddle… etc.

I prefer the northern climate rather than a southern, hot climate and I’m more used to urban areas than rural areas. However, wherever the placement I receive it will be fine for me and I am very proud for the host family that considers me for the next season. It will be a fantastic opportunity in my life.

In academic matters, I personally prefer Mathematics rather than PE, for example. I also enjoy technology and computer gaming, but I don’t really use the phone that much or care about social media.

I’m a quiet person, but I enjoy being near friends. I take care of my diet, I eat fruits, vegetables, salads, and so on. Also, I consider myself a person who has a great amount of general knowledge. I consider myself a curious person who likes to discover new cultures and places. I also have certain interest in geopolitics and international culture but, as I don’t have yet very defined inclinations, my opinions are still in evolution.

I expect during my stay in the United States of America that I will interact with as many cultures that I can, as well as acquire a higher English language fluency.

Thank you in advance for your kind hospitality.

Best regards


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