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15, Male Student ID: 228INSP099JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear family:

Hi, my name is Guillermo and I’m 15 years old and I’m from Spain. I think I’m someone friendly and hard-working. My parents and teachers are really happy with my marks. I love to practice any kind of sport and I’m open to learning about sports that I’ve never practiced like baseball, but currently my favorite sports are basketball, judo, football and golf.

In addition to practicing sports, I enjoy playing and composing on piano. I had received classes for around 6 years. I spend a lot of time playing with my brothers on any kind of thing (board games, sports, video games…). I love to meet with friends or family outside everywhere. I like to learn new things, and I’m open to learning more about new cultures or traditions.

Talking more about where I am, I´m living really near our capital, so, more or less, I’m living in the centre of Spain. Here, the weather is not really cold or really hot. It’s around 20ºC (293,15 ºK) all year. Currently my house is very good because it’s in a nice place, with a swimming pool, close to my school and my friends, the house has four floors, with a garden, many places to play and my room it’s very cool. We have a second house for holidays in the south of Spain, it’s really a beautiful place with a nice beach.

Currently, we’re 6 in our house. My parents, my two younger brothers, my dog, and me. My parents work too much. My father works in a company dedicated to genetic diagnostic problems. He is a really good chef and he loves to do sports with friends, especially cycling. My mother is working in a really important pharmaceutical company related to Covid-19 and other medicines. She has so many friends and loves going shopping outside. One of my brothers likes to spend time with the family and cook. My other brother is a really good drawing artist, and he likes to playing video games. My dog is very funny and she loves to play with her toys or balls and sleep.

I like to spend time with my family and we usually do every type of plan, like going outside, meeting with friends or just staying together in our house playing or talking about everything.

I have so many friends in the school and outside the school. In the school we usually talk or practice any kind of sports or physical activities. I like to hang out with them too, and we like to try to go to new locations every time we meet, for example to any malls to have a walk with them. We like to go shopping, eat together or just discover new locations.

I’m going to a catholic school situated in my town. My school is very big. I spend most of my time studying in the classroom but also we have two breaks (one after three classes and the other one before and after launch). We don’t have to move to another classroom to study other subjects, the teachers are moving from one place to another. Everyone in the grade studies the same subjects except one optional. I always have really good marks in all the subjects (Most of my marks are 8 and 9 where 10 is the maximum). One of my favorite subjects is maths.

In school I practice judo on Mondays and Wednesdays when I finish classes. I have brown belt and I will get the black one later this year. Many sports and activities are practiced in my school, for example my brothers practice basket, padel, hockey and painting. The school is very famous because of its football and basketball teams, they win a lot of awards in these two sports. I go to school from Monday to Friday starting at 8,45 in the morning and I come back home around 17. When I arrive at my home I just do my homework, study (if I need to study something) and take a rest.

In the future I would like to be an entrepreneur and set up my own company. This is because I want to get a MBA after my University degree. Since I like a lot of subjects related to maths, tech, science… The University degree that I want to get could be: Architect or Engineer. Since I am studying Piano I would like to be related with Music in my future as a hobby together with keeping my favourite sports practicing: like golf and judo. Another hobby for my future is to traveI. My parents love to travel and this is because they brought me to different places such as: Italy, Germany, France, UK and Morocco. I want to visit many different countries to learn about different cultures and know different people while enjoying the landscape and buildings. Finally, I consider that it is very important to help other people without having as much luck and resources as I have. So I would like to volunteer in my town.

I am very excited about spending one year in the US because I can learn more about your culture & traditions (I admire the US people, they love their country and they seem very nice, in addition the most important tech companies are based in the US) and also you can learn from about mine. I would like to take the opportunity to improve my English level. If I want to study sciences, English knowledge is essential. Also I consider this a challenge for me to do things by myself without help and support from my parents and family. I have feedback from friends that spend a year outside Spain and they are very happy with the experience. I am sure this will be an amazing experience for me.

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to the families involved in this program for giving students like me the opportunity to live this experience. This is only possible with the generosity of these families. I will try to do all my best to give the family a very good time with me during the year.


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