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16, Male Student ID: 201EKSK009JYM South Korea

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



These day I hear a lot from the people around me how I make a good impression. But I went through pretty tough periods for some time. I thought I was somewhat low key person with friends I can trust dearly. In particular, I could not say all I wanted in front of strangers. I enjoyed decent time in elementary school, but as I entered middle school, there were kids who ignored me because I was a bit timid. From then on, I consciously tried to be outgoing and aggressive. Reached out to those whom I wanted to be friends with. Became more and more comfortable in laying out my thoughts thoroughly which in turn helped me to win in a debate contest. Made numerous friends and was able to rationalize irritating situation.

I can say for sure how my parents brought me up as a person to not only respect and appreciate the surroundings as it is but also seek the happiness in my own terms. Not only my parents but I feel I am blessed to be surrounded by relatives who have constantly loved me and encouraged with the utmost attention. My little brother and I at times exchanged somewhat discouraging words but as a whole I am grateful to have him by my side as my best friend. My father is my role model who is usually reasonable and keeps his cool at all times. My mother is a school teacher who always maintains highest standard in responsibility at home and school.

Bucket list during my stay in the states includes the followings. First I would like to play basketball with new friends. I am pretty good here in my hometown but curious as to how I would fare in the states. Secondly look forward to playing musical instruments. I used to play piano a lot when I was young and not much recently. Korean students are usually refrained from those so called non-academic activity after grade school. I understand the school in the states encourage various activities including music and art which excites me. Last but not the least is to make friends. It will be pretty cool to make friends who can share the moments and seek advice when needed the most.

I see my self as young tree constantly seeking for new ideas and opening up the way I see the world. Eagerly looking forward to grow up as a matured tree through the exchange student program.

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