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Heewon (Paul)

15, Male Student ID: 198BFSK006JYM South Korea

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LETTER FROM Heewon (Paul)

Heewon (Paul)

Hello! My name is Heewon, I live in South Korea and I am 9th grade. My English name is Paul. I use this name when I went to Philippines language study abroad. I am very thankful for you to make me live there for 1year.

I said to my parents I want to go an America exchange student because I want to experience America, and I want to experience American culture like thanksgiving day. And also I want to go US a tourist spot. I hope we listen k pop and English pop song together. From this experience, when I come back to Korea I’ll tell my friend why America is no.1 in the world. Now I do telephone English to prepare for go America. I also study American history and I study for how US become top of the world.

There are four in my family. I live with father, mother, and younger brother. My father is a soldier. My mother is homemaker and she makes delicious food to my family. Lastly my younger brother is 6th grade. Because of my dad’s work, I lived in many places. Now I live in my city 3 years. On weekends, my family go trip or ride a bike. We go to Catholic church sometimes.

At first I am timid, but after I adjust the place or situation I become active. So don’t be worried about at first when I talk little. We will become like a real family after I adjust. My hobby is reading books, listening music, and leisure sports. In winter I like to go skiing and in summer I like field sports and water sports.

I like to make robots. I want to become robot engineer. I want to make high-tech robots and I hope our life to become more comfortable. Recently I have another dream and it is broadcasting PD. I watch entertainment TV program and I dream broadcasting PD.

When I was 8years old I went to Europe with my family. I went to France, Italy, Switzerland, Nederland. It was great. I went lot of place in Korea. I went to Philippines to study English in 4th grade. I couldn’t say any English before 4th grade. So I said to my mom I want to go there and study English. I was very happy that my English skills become better and I can experience.

My favorite subject is math. Because I like to use numbers and figure and when I solve hard problem I feel very good. In sports class I do kin ball. I have not heard it so I tried it. It is 4 people becoming one team and 3 teams play it. It is very fun and exciting.

Lastly I am very thankful for you to read this letter. I want to live happy with you for a year and will try to make that happen.

Thank you!

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