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15, Female Student ID: 198BFSK019JYF South Korea

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Choir or Singing


Hello! First, thank you for deciding to do exchange student host volunteer work. I’m Hyelin and I live in Korea.

My dream is to be an announcer. I think that an announcer has to have various information and speak languages well. I am not good in English. So personally, I think that I want to go to America to learn English. Also, I wanted to challenge sense of independence and live correctly with no parents

I am studying English grammar and reading about American culture to communicate well in America. I expect to make American friends and school life in exchange student experience. I hope to improve language skill. I expect to make good memory with my host family. I wonder what kind of holidays America has, how American friends play, local culture and so on. And I wonder about local weather. I go to there, I want to share of Korean culture, K-pop, and Korean food. I want to dance together because I like k-pop dance. If so, I feel so happy. And I hope to boil seaweed soup, Korean food, and eat together because my birthday is in during my exchange student period. (Seaweed soup is what we eat on birthdays in Korea!

My family is mom, dad, older brother and me. My older brother is attending a boarding school. We are cheerful, silly and harmonious. When we have free time, we drive around nearby areas or play board games, to live happily together. Sometimes, we go to the cinema on weekends to feel closer together. We are a Christian home. So we always go to church as a family on Sundays. My mother is a housewife, daddy is in the army. Mom treat me like friend, dad help me to study. Older brother cherish me. I am going to a Middle School, which is a 5 minute walk away

I learn to do K-pop dance in sports class and to play the violin at the orchestra club at the school. So I was able to improve musical sense. I did class leader and joined to vocal club. My personality is bright, cute and try so hard. I want to be a bright and happy person. So I am trying. My hobby is taking picture, writing, reading books, and listening to music. I’m good at singing and dancing.

My dream is announcer. I was interested to learn many kinds of language. So, I joined in English camp when I went into 7 grade. I am sociable. So, I became familiar a native teacher in short time. Announcers need to deal with crisis ability. So, I placed first in school CPR contest in 8th grade. A deep impression memory was when we went to retreat in school. I could change to feel natural, closer with friends. I was feel good. My friends is Heewon, Ujung, Sian. They are another class. I close with them. And we spent fun day every day at the school.

Thank you for give to me good chance. Thank you for supporting homestay once more. I hope to have a lot of joyful time. Thank you!

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