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Ignacio (Nacho)

16, Male Student ID: 218HUSP410JYM Spain

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LETTER FROM Ignacio (Nacho)

Ignacio (Nacho)

Hello! My name is Ignacio, but I like that people say me Nacho. I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Spain.

First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to the USA and, specially, to the family who finally accept me for welcoming me as one of their family and for allowing me to have the experience of living 1 year in the USA.

I consider myself a good, responsible and open mind person. Also lively and sociable, sometimes a little fidgety. I’m in a Spanish public high school, this is my third year, there I have a lot of friends. The studies are very important for me, because in the future I would like to be an engineer. Also, I’m a tidy and a planner person since I was a little boy. With my family I’m very affectionate and also chatty, because my grandparents have many stories about their travels around the world,when they were young… And the stories are very interesting and a little crazy.

I live with my family: my mother is psycho-oncologist and is 46 years old; my father is engineer and is 46 years old; my brother is 9 years old and my sister is 14 years old. Also I have 4 grandparents, 2 uncles, 2 aunts and 8 cousins. My family is very important for me.

Languages and specially English are very important for my fathers. Also for me. For that reason, I have studied French and English since I was a little boy. I like to improve my english watching TV series in English.

My hobbies are very varied: I love practice all types of sports (in the mountain, in the water, with balls…) I practice waterpolo, tennis and golf, but waterpolo is the sport that I like most at the moment. I just joined an important waterpolo team in my city. I will love practice baseball, hokey, american football, and whatever else. If I could practice waterpolo it would be great too.

Also the music is so important for me. I spend a lot of time listening to music, I listen all types of music: when I study history I listen classic music, when I run or travel I listen pop, rock, rap… I love music . And also I love eat, I love all types of food: like meat, fish, pasta, vegetables…

With the family who finally accept me, I will like to do a lot of things like, go for a walk, talk to them, show them things that I do in Spain like cooking spanish food, teach them a little of Spanish, help them with the garden and housework, take out the dog, be a good big brother for their children…

I can do my responsibilities for myself, that include clean my bedroom, prepare my snack for the highschool, clean my clothes…

In the highschool, I’d like to do activities like sport or theater. Also, I would be glad to help my classmates with science, art or other subjects that I’m good at, and I could show Spanish culture to the teachers and classmates.

I also speak French. 3 years ago I was 1 week to France with my classmates.

Since I was six years old I have had French au pairs who came to my house to live with us. I think this experience have been very enriching culturally and in languages, similar to what I would like to live in the USA.

I’m really looking forward to going to the USA, a country that has a great worldwide influence. I’m sure that there I will have an inolvidable experience and it will be a exciting challenge for me being so far from my country and my family.

Hope to see you soon!

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