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16, Female Student ID: 198AYTH016JYF Thailand

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First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Intu-orn, you can call me Fon. I’m 15 years old girl from Thailand. I’m living with my family that include of my father, mother and elder brother. I am the second child of my family. I’m studying in grade 10 in English-Chinese major. My father is a General Manager, he manages many restaurants and many brands in 8 airports of Thailand. My mother is a housewife, she always takes care of me and everyone in family, she is very kind and she can cook very well sometime I help her in kitchen also. My brother an engineering student. He is smart and very influence in English it may from he has experience in US as an Exchange Student 4 years ago so I wish to improve my skills like him. I can communicate in English but I think I can always improve myself that is why I wanted to stay and practice English in the US.

My personality is very happy and open, I enjoy talking with people and I have positive mind. All of that is because I have a very warm and happy family. Our family always have some activity together during the weekend, in the morning we will cook our breakfast together, not only Thai food but we love to try new things all the times. So I can say that cooking is one of the thing that I love and willing to cook my Thai food for you. I also interested in sports because my family always play some sports or do an exercise together. We always jog in the morning and sometimes we go out to the court and play badminton. At school I like swimming and I also do the track events such as 200 meters’ sprint. I also like to dance. When I was young I have learned ballet, but now I interested more in aerobic and popping dance, also I look forward to do some cheerleading in my high school in the US. Last hobby I wanted to talk about is watching movie because my family always go to the cinema together to watch movies. I think watching movies is a good way to improve my English. That is why I like to watch movies without reading subtitle.

Last thing I wanted to talk is to thank you for reading this letter. From today I will try my best to improve myself and my English skill so I will be ready to go to the US and looking forward to be your daughter soon.