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15, Female Student ID: 198USSP014JYF Spain

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My name is Irene, I am 14 years old (but will be 15 this summer) and I am from Spain. I am studying my third year at Secondary School and I would like to go to the USA to have an amazing experience with another family with different traditions and a different language but above all, I want to improve my English level.

I think I have a good English but I want to improve it much more, because in Spain you need to have a high level if you want to get a good job and furthermore, I want improve my English because I love languages and in the future I would like to learn more. I’m very ambitious.

In my free time I hang out with my friends. I love spending time with them. They are a part of me. I usually go to the shopping centre with them to buy clothes or go to the cinema. In short, have a good time. I also like music (but I don’t play any musical instrument). My favorite female singers are Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish and my favorite male singer is Harry Styles.

Moreover, I enjoy so much traveling, I like going to places I don’t know and discover new customs, different kind of food, people… That makes me to grow up.

Finally, to be honest, I think that I am funny, (but a little shy at the beginning), trustworthy, ambitious, and very affectionate. This was a difficult decision for me, but I hope everything is going to be fine.

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