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16, Female Student ID: 218USSP404JYF Spain

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My name is Itziar and I am 16 years old. I was born in Spain, and I am living in a quite small village very close to the Catalonian capital. We live in a semi-detached house in the center of the village. I am living with my mom who is 48 years old and works at home, with my father, who is 47 years old and works for as engineer, and with my brothers Nicolas (12 years old and doing 7th grade at primary) and Pepe, my little brother, who is 10 years old and studying 5th grade at the primary school. They are a fundamental part of my life and they always support me when I need it. The truth is that we are all very close, and when we fight or argue for any foolishness, we always find a solution. In any case, we all try to have our own space. My family is quite big, and I have cousins living in Hawaii, in Venezuela and in France. My American cousins always come to Spain on summer holidays, and explain to me many interesting things about your wonderful country. This is one of the reasons what I want to discover by myself the United States.

My hobbies are playing sports (mainly running, ski and tennis) and to read. I love also to hang out with my friends, maybe the most. I have always practiced some sport, although I have been changing and trying new ones. I have been playing tennis since I was 10 years old, but now I prefer to ski on winter and running with my friends when the season is over. We have a house in the Pyrenees, close to different ski resorts, and one of my future projects is to become a ski trainer, but I have postponed it to study in the United States. One of the sports I would like to practice in the future is volleyball, and I heard that it is a sport practiced in the American schools. Maybe influenced by my Hawaiian cousins, I would like to try also surf, kitesurf or similar sports. I really like the sea.

To read is also important for me. Sometimes, when the things do not come out as I would like, reading relax me, and I find solutions to the problems. I like reading books about teenagers´ life, books about other places, or about romantic histories.

Describing myself is not easy. I would say that I am friendly, kind and curious. I like to be with people, and I am looking forward to discover new places, new cultures, and to improve my English language. I am open minded (my father say so), responsible, but also funny. Somehow, this adventure it means a step ahead in my life. I believe that now I can say that I am also brave, as I will leave behind my family to move thousands of miles away. I am not an excellent student, but I have improved a lot in the last months. I discovered that if I try hard, it can be achieved everything. And also important, to ask for help when I really need.

I guess I was able to present myself. Thank you for reading.

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