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15, Male Student ID: 198INSP133JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Football (Soccer)
Skiing or Snowboarding


Hello my name is Jaime, I’m 15 years old. I am a very athletic person, I play soccer and tennis along the week. In winter I practice skiing and on summer surfing and sailing.

I am a little shy if I do not know the person but I make friends quickly. There are times when I am very talkative and others I am not. I live in a house with a pool and a garden in a urbanization that is just outside the city. Where I live is very hot in summer and a little cold in winter but it is nice. I like it

In my family we are 4: my parents, my sister and me. My father works in a company. My relationship with my father is very good I think. We share many hobbies like sports, go to watch football, sailing , skiing… My mother had studied engineering but now works in an NGO that is dedicated to help poor people. My relationship with my mother is very good, we both like the beach, laugh… My sister’s only one year younger than me. She’s studying. She loves to sing, dance, act, and she does it very well, also she likes skiing. My sister and I get along very well and we laugh, we play together but sometimes, like all brothers, we argue a little

I am studying 9 grade on a school situated very near from my house. The school has a soccer pith and also basketballs pitches. I’m not sure of what I’m going to study on university, but I like everything related to communication and I will probably do a career of that

I have a lot of friends. We all share the same hobbies, we always meet on fridays. Sometimes we go to the cinema and then we get dinner and others times we like to watch a soccer match or something.

On mondays to fridays I get up at 8 then I go to the school until 5 pm. On evenings I go to a place where goes a lot of my friends and there we study and later sometimes we play a soccer match or we go to do volunteering. Three years ago I went to Ireland to study english for four months, from september to december. And I had a good time there on Ireland

I help my mother in my house getting the dog for a walk, putting the dish on, making the bed… In my house we get dinner together, my mother usually cooks and the others put the table. My mother cooks because she is very good and we really like the food that she makes. On summer we all like to go to the beach and also we like to travel to another countries. We are already go to Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, London..

I will like to study a year on USA because I want to improve my English and also to know more about how people live there. I also will show you the culture of my country and everything that you want to know. I am very thankful to you for give the opportunity to stay a year living with you.

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