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15, Male Student ID: 198EUSP042JYM Spain

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My name is Jaime, I’m 14 years old (I will be 15 this fall), I’m tall and nice, funny, sociable…I live with my family, my mother and my father, and my twin Pablo. My parents works to the regional government.

I live in the center of my country, near to Madrid. My city has some monuments as cathedral, castle, and aqueduct. My town is considered as patrimony of the humanity for the UNESCO.

I study in a high school, and we are 1600 pupils! My hobbies are play the drums in the municipal school, since 7 years ago. I play in the orchestra playing the drums and xylophone and I learn too much, I study music 2.5 hours per week. I practice basket in my club, we are 150 players in the club. I train 2 days in the week and the weekend I play against another teams. I had always dream to see a live NBA match!! I play volleyball in the school breaks, and I practice badminton with my brother. I also love practice sea sports like surf, wind surf, snorkle or kayaking but I can’t practice it because in my city there is not beach, but I learned a few it in the last summer camp. One time I was in the Real Madrid stadium, but I had never seen a match in live. I like ride a bike in the village… I love sports!

I also cooking simple sweets with my family like muffins or typical spanish dishes like spanish omelette or cakes. About the food I like meat, sweets, but I eat vegetables, fish…But I don´t like the spicy meal.

I like pets but I haven’t any one. I love travelling too, I have been in Ireland, London, Paris and a few cities in Spain. I love the idea to travel a United States and meet new family, culture, school and new friends. I would like live friendly and dynamic family and with boys as me but I like child too. For me it was a bigger surprise when my parents said me, I have delusion for go there!

Thanks for all things and welcome in your home.

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