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I’m Jaime. I am fifteen years old, I live in Spain in a house with my family.

I am a guy that sometimes is shy, specially when I meet someone new, but at the same time, I am opened to meet new people. I like to travel, to go out with my friends, I also like to learn new things.

What I want to get of studying 1 year in United States is to improve my English, to meet new people, to learn from the culture and the things that people do there with the family, and to practice sports. Here in Spain I practiced basketball for 6 years and now I’m practicing padel and swimming. I am specially interested in practicing sports in USA because of the high importance they have there, and also because sports are part of culture and education in your country, more than in Spain.

When my parents told me that they wanted to send me 1 year with a family to other country I was exited. My cousins went to study abroad and they told me that it was amazing, so I wanted to go immediately! My parents asked me what I prefer and since the beginning, I wanted USA. I want to meet my family the soon as possible!

The truth is that I don’t know what I’m going to find there. I do not make an idea of the family because it can be very different types of families. The high schools I think that are like the ones of the movies but it couldn’t be like that so definitely I don’t have ideas.

Mostly, I’m a very independent guy, I know how to take care. The thing that I find more difficult and of what I am a little bit scared, is to fit in the school and to be accepted by the people there. I know there I am attending all the classes in English there but I’m not scared of that because I know I will understand everything in the first month.

I have not been in other American family but I had a similar experience in France: I went to a French family 1 week and later the French boy came to Spain. I always go every year to a summer camp of sports and a lot of things. This 10 days are the best days of the year for me. I went to a foreign country with my family in 2016. We did a cruise and that holidays started in Miami so I stayed there 2 days. The rest of the days we went to other countries but they spoke Spanish so it doesn’t count. I also went to London with my mother, my sister and brother, and my cousins.

My family is made up of five people: my mum and she’s 45 years old. My mother is director. My dad is 49 old. My father has an electrical consulting firm. Cristina is my sister and she is 13 years old. And Jorge is my little brother and he is 7 years old. Then my grandparents: my maternal grandmother is 74 years old. My paternal grandma 78. My paternal grandpa is 86 years old. I have a very good relationship with my parents and my brother but with my sister… well, we are bothering sometimes.

On the weekends we usually have lunch with my maternal family and we go to my parent matches, because he is basketball coach. Other times my paternal family comes home to have lunch with us.

I study in a school in a neighborhood and we go by car or by bus. My brothers also go to that school. My school offers kinder garden, primary school (medium school in USA), ESO and Bachillerato (high school in USA). My school is a religious school and we are approximately 1.500 people.

My favorite subject , and it is not a joke, is English because I like my classmates, my teacher, and I like English because I have fun.
On my free time , I go out with my friends or I go to the cinema with my family…..On summer holidays we usually go to Asturias and 1 week wherever with some friends.

I’m so exited to meet my family and I thank the family to fit me.

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