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Bike Riding


First of all I want to thank you for the great opportunity. I’m Javier and I’m going to talk about what I do in a normal week.

First, from Monday to Tuesday I have to wake up at 7 a.m because I enter school at 8 a.m, I finish school at 3 p.m. My parents arrive at home a bit late so I have to cook my own food. After I have 1 hour of free time so I read or watch a series on the mobile. Then if it’s Monday I go to english classes 1 hour and the other days I study, go to the gym or go cycling. The Thursdays at the afternoon I have plenty of free time so I usually go cycling 1 hour at the mountain. The Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoons I go to gymnastics one hour. At night I have dinner and watch the TV with my family, later I go to the bed.

Some Fridays I like to go to the mall with my friends in the neighbourhood. On Saturdays mornings I go two hours to the scouts which is very important to me (I recently attended a boy scout convention in Switzerland) and we do a lot of activities. On Sundays I go with my family to the mountain all the day and when we arrive at home I usually study.

I would love to keep myself active in the US being able to practice sport like cycling (specially mountain bike) in a nature surrounding.

See you soon:)

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