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My name’s Javier, I’m 15 years old and I live in a small town which is located in Spain’s capital.

I could describe myself as someone quiet and shy and reflexive but also kind and cheerful. I have decided going study to another country for several reasons: meeting new people, making new friends, improving my English level, knowing other areas of the world, doing other activities that I don’t do here, knowing the world beyond Spain and Europe… I’ve chosen the USA because it is a great country and because my older brother went last year (he was in Michigan). He had a great experience. Also my mom did her senior year in Ohio 30 years ago and we all love the American life style at home.

There are aspects that I think will be easy for me, such as doing my homework or communicating with my host family, but there are some other aspects that could be a little more complicated, like adapting to my new classmates or following classes in English, but I think these two points won’t be a problem after a few weeks.

Normally I don’t travel much to other countries, and when I do it, it’s with my family so I’m not very used to leaving Spain alone. We have travelled to other countries in Europe, we went to Paris and we had a great time at Disneyland, we also did a cruise and went to France and Italy. Every summer we go on vacations to the beach and I love to go because I have a lot of friends there and we have a great time. Also we do a family ski trip every year, but my mom doesn’t like snow so she doesn’t go. This year I will go with school to Italy, I’m very excited about it because I will go with my friends.

My family is very important to me, I have an amazing family. My parents are great and always support me. I have two siblings, my older brother Alvaro who is 17 years old and my little sister Lucia who is 11. Also I have grandparents, cousins, aunts… I’m very close to them and we usually do activities together. Even though I love to spend time with my friends, there is always space for family. We like going for dinner or lunch on weekends, we also go to the cinema, and sometimes to the amusement parks which I love. We always help with the different chores at home, I buy the bread every day and take the trash away. I also do my bed and set the table. We don’t have pets but I have always wanted to have a cat or a dog. My parents don’t let us have any because they don’t want them at home. I would love to have a pet in my American home.

I go to a school that is close to where I live, so I am not used to making big journeys to school. I usually go by bus with my little sister or alone, sometimes I go walking. My favorite subjects are those related to science such as physics, biology and chemistry, I also like English but I don’t like mathematics. Other subjects I don’t like very much are Spanish and music. At my school there are all kinds of students and teachers, some of them explain well and others don’t. I’m a good student in general and I have always gotten good grades. I have always gone to the same school since I was 2 years old.

I like sports, but my favorite one is basketball. I have practiced it since I was 6 years old. I play at a club in my town and the season goes from September to June. We practice 3 days a week and play a game on Saturdays. My team is very important to me and we take competition very seriously. Also my team mates are my friends and we hang out or go to play to the court for fun in our free time. I will miss my team mates a lot but I really am very exciting about playing basketball in the USA. It is the best country for basketball in the world. In my family sport is very important, my brother plays American football and my sister plays basketball too, so we have a lot of games to go on weekends. My dad runs but my mom is not very sportive, she only goes for walks. Next year, in the USA, I would love to practice also other sports such as soccer and especially baseball , which I can’t play here because there aren’t teams.

I love videogames, I play with our play station 4 and nintendo switch. My favourite games are Minecraft, NBA 2K and Mario kart. I like to play online with my friends or sometimes they come home and we play together. Sometimes I also play alone. I also love music especially electronic music and rock. I have a small mixing table and I like doing remixes of my favourite songs.

Well, I think that’s all about me. I am very excited about going to your country, meet you and be part of your family.

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