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16, Female Student ID: 198JLFR006JYF France

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Hi, I’m Jeanne. I’m 15 and I’m just starting high school. I come from France and more precisely from Burgundy. I live in the countryside.

I have 2 big brothers who are 18 and 19. My eldest brother is in an engineering school in Paris. I have 1 dog and 1 cat but I’m not a fan of dogs. My father is an audiologist and my mother works with him: she is an accountant.

I love fashion so I often go shopping with my mom. Moreover, I often go downtown with my friends when I have free time. I’m sociable so I have a lot of friends in high school.

My favorite subjects are sport and all the scientific subjects.

My brothers both went to the United States of America for 6 months and they talked to me about the incredible experience they have had. That is why I would love to live the “same” adventure. I have already had the chance to travel to the United States of America in Dallas, Chicago, New York, Houston and other smaller cities. I visited an American high school and I met american people…and so far I love america!

It’s an amazing opportunity for my future that my parents are giving me. Nowadays, it’s very important to speak english fluently to work, to travel and for many more reasons and the schools in france are not giving students the chance to become bilingual. Moreover, I would like to have a job where I have international relations so it’s essential for me to improve my english.

Outside of school, I practice 2 sports: tennis and dance. I love sport, so I’m also excited to come to the United States because the school system will enable me to do a lot of sports and I would really like to try out a team sport.

So, I decided to register myself for this program to discover a new culture, new customs and get to know new people. I’m very motivated because I know that this experience can bring me a lot of good things. I will broaden my general knowledge, acquire a lot of maturity thanks to the autonomy I will need for this adventure. Moreover, I think that I can become less shy and have more self-confidence.

I am a bit scared to leave all my french life, my friends and my family but I know that I’m going to build something else that will be life changing for me and I am sure that at the end of my stay, it will be this life that I am going to miss.

I am excited to meet you and to share moments and discover USA with your family.

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