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16, Male Student ID: 218AOSP406JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Drama or Theater
Football (Soccer)
Skiing or Snowboarding


Of course yes!! I said to my parents when they talk me about this great experience I am about to embrace.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, the ones that will be my new family, live your life style as well as share mine.

My name is Jorge, I live in Spain with my parents and my brother, and I am 16 years old.

I love being a boy scout that I’ve joined when I was 8. It’s one of the better things I’ve ever done because we are like a family and do many interesting things, we go camping a lot and enjoy nature in a very different way, we learn value things like how important is respect nature, friendship, help to the community, etc.., this summer we will go to Barcelona to do social work in a hospital.

Although we live in Spain, my father is Portuguese, therefore we usually go to Portugal to see my grandparents. I also have uncles and cousins that live in Germany and Ireland. It’s great when we are all together at holidays in Oporto.

I like very much do sports, in my short life I’ve done swimming, hockey, soccer, skating, cannoning…and every summer I go to my grandmother’s beach house and I do sailing and surfing. I enjoy skiing so much, I go with my family and a lot of friends to the Pyrenees every year. I enjoy trying new things and I am willing to learn any sport, like American football and baseball.

My high school is huge with more than 1.400 students and I have a lot of friends, I hope to meet many people and make new friends over there.

My favorite subjects are technology, PE and maths. I don’t know yet what I want to be when I grow up, but likely will be something relating to the IT industry, computer science or something like that, I am familiar since my parents have been working in this field all their lives and they know very well the industry and can help me.

This year I’ve started playing theater in my high school to learn corporal expression and how improvise and I am really enjoying it!, now, we are rehearsing our first play.

In my spare time I like to meet up with my friends, go to the cinema, listening to music, watch TV series, computer games… and of course traveling, because you can know different cultures and enjoy awesome landscapes and experiences. Last summer we ride in air balloon at Capadoccia (Turkey) that was amazing. I also like spend time with my family and play with my 12-year-old brother and the many outdoor activities that we do.

We don’t have any pet but I love animals, specially cats and dogs.

Here in Spain soccer is the most popular sport and Real Madrid is the club that I am a fan and try to follow Spanish league and European champions league. My favorite team player is Cristiano Ronaldo, he used to be part of Real Madrid but unfortunately he moved to Juventus FC, an Italian club.

It’s a fact that I enjoy eating, especially Italian food, my favorite food is pasta and pizza.

I can’t wait to live this new experience! I feel really happy and fortunate, and maybe a little scared with this big challenge but I am ready to start the adventure.

I have no words to express my gratitude for welcoming me as another member of your family, I am sure we will get along really well and will share new great experiences together that will be recorded in my memory always.

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