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16, Male Student ID: 198AOSP034JYM Spain

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Football (Soccer)


My name is Juan, and I´m 16 years old. I was brought up in the capital city of Spain. I live with my twin sister Sara, my step-father and my mother. My mother works as a talent agent which I think is very cool, my father works as a consultant, and my step-father as a service provider. I live in a neighborhood that has many libraries and cultural centers, it is also located near a business area and a park which some people compare to New York’s central park due to its size (it is one of the biggest parks in the city) its huge lake, activities and museums

My mother is very hard working, responsible and sometimes she pushes me too hard, but I actually like it, she likes to take walks, and she doesn’t like to be at home doing nothing. She always has different activities to do with us. My father is very nice, very smart, he always helps me with my school homework and subjects, he knows a lot of science and math’s, and the most important thing is that he has a lot of patience. We do not live together but he and my mom have always had a great relationship and we see him very often, also he lives near. My stepfather who lives with us is very strict and nice, he cooks really good and I have a great time with him, we spend a lot of our spare time together and laugh a lot because he´s really funny. My twin sister Sara can be annoying, loud and bossy, even though we are twins she thinks she is older. However, she helps me a lot with homework and when I’m in trouble with my parents she always takes my side. She has been to the states two times during the summertime and I missed her terribly, because we usually have plans together, we are in the same classroom and we share some friends and weekend plans.

I live in a very big city, with a lot of activities, museums, tourist attractions and life, however my parents are from northern Spain, which is also busy but more picturesque. My favorite football team is Athletic Club of Bilbao, because I like their philosophy and because all my family likes them. Me and my uncle go every year with my cousins to watch a match at their stadium. I spend most summers there in northern Spain in my mother’s hometown and another one which is my father’s hometown. I spend 2 months there every year. One is very small coastal city, home to approximately 6000 people and the other is even smaller, home to approximately 4000 people. I move between the two by bike, I actually enjoy biking a lot. Due to their proximity to the sea, there are a lot of activities during the summer. The town council sets up some floating water parks along the coast and I go with my family, I really enjoy them, we also go to the lighthouse and walk around the seafront street

During the summer I usually surf, play paddle and tennis with my friends. I go to surf lessons, when I go to those lessons, I have to wake up at 8:30 in order to be in the club at 9:00am; there we are picked up by a bus which takes us to the beach. I really enjoy my surf classes, because I love surfing and I get to meet new people and because I usually go with my cousin Jorge. At 13:30 we start picking up our things and we go back to the club. Even on summer vacation me and my sister have English classes three times per week.

Another activity I do is to organize different sport tournaments for a private club. When I help preparing theses tournaments, my main responsibilities are: organize the registration process, form the teams and organize the schedules of the matches. Also, I have to help keeping the scoring of each team and prepare everything for the finals (decorations, balloons, uniforms, flyers and prizes), also we have to pick the best players, top scorers, best goalkeepers and best newcomer. Other than that, I spend two weeks with my father, his girlfriend and my sister in different parts of Spain, usually in the north. Northern Spain has a lot to offer. My father loves to eat, so we go to many good restaurants. My sister and I really enjoy seafood, especially Japanese

I am in Fourth year of ESO (which in the US would be 10th grade, junior year). My school is located in a neighborhood near mine. I go by bus every day, but I ride only few stops. Since I am in the same classroom as my sister, we have a lot of fun with our friends and spend together a lot of time. I really njoy my time in the school, despite the exams period which can be hard. My favorite subject is arts and my favorite hobby is playing football with my friends

I practice football twice per week, and on Saturdays I play matches with my team. I enjoy matches, they are fun, and we learn to be competitive. There we also learn to give our best and to accept defeat. The coach makes a lot of jokes but also pushes us a lot. I think he is the best coach I have had in my life. We belong to different teams of the same city, so we joke about that and we joke a lot during the tournament eliminatory

Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school I go to an academy to help me with my grades and my studies. I spent two hours there. I have reinforcements in mathematics, physics, social sciences and language which are the hardest subjects and the ones that I have most trouble with. Friday afternoon I go to catechesis and on Saturdays I get to laze a little bit, study in the afternoon as well as making plans with my friends and sister. That is when we do not have family ones. As I said my mother comes up with lots of activities for us

My parents think it will benefit my future if I go abroad and discover more about the American culture and people. I have never been to the United States, but with my family I have done some traveling around Europe and Asia. It would be my first time in the Americas. I have watched a lot of American movies and I have heard a lot, but I cannot wait to see it and learn for myself. Also, my parents know the plus that improving my English could be for my future.

I really want to be part of this experience and get to know new forms life. I think I am a mature and responsible young boy, and I believe I can help with house chore or errands if needed. I have a good attitude and I am flexible, I can adjust to new situations which I think is important when living in a new country. I know it is possible to get homesick but with technologies this could be solved, I know I will miss my country’s food, but I know I´ll try new delicious one. From my experiences organizing the tournaments I have learn to work with others, punctuality, respect and hard work. I think these qualities would be beneficial when going abroad and living together with new and different people.

I am very excited about this opportunity. I really hope you chose me, so I am looking forward to hearing to form you.

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