Juan Manuel (Juanma)

16, Male Student ID: 218INSP436JYM

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LETTER FROM Juan Manuel (Juanma)

Juan Manuel (Juanma)

Hello! My name is Juan Manuel, but everybody calls me Juanma, I’m sixteen years old, my birthday is in summer. I think I’m funny, although at the beginning of knowing someone I’m very shy, and once I feel comfortable I’m very open.

I am from the south of Spain, where I live there is a very hot climate. Also, I live near to the sea and here we eat a lot of fish and shellfish. In my city the people is so funny and happy; and also there are a lot of tourists of the rest of Europe.

My family is composed by my mother, my father and my three sisters called Claudia, María and Soraya. We are four siblings. My parents are divorced so I live with my mother but I also spend time with my father.

About my parents work, my mother works in a hospital because she is a nurse and my father is a nurse too. My elder sister, Claudia, is a doctor and she is working and studying to be endocrinology. My other sister María is in a center for people with disabilities due to the fact that she has down syndrome. And the third sister is studying Law at university.

I like playing table games with my family, go walking, go to the cinema,… My relation with my family is very good, but my sisters sometimes send me to do a lot of thing because “I am the youngest”.

I am studying grade 10 in a secondary school, my favourites asignatures are art, English, Spanish, but I don’t like sciences. I don’t know what to do in the future, but I like acting, teaching and more things.

My friends and me, love meet to go walking, go to the cinema, to the beach…

A normal day in my life is going to high school and after that I eat at home, later I do the homework, I go to my activities such as swimming.

I really want to go to the United States because I want to learn English and know another different type of life, I want to make made friends and learn the culture.

The last year I went to London one week with my schoolmates and we were in a English family, and I liked very much the experience.

At home I always take out the trash and I make my bed. I take out the dog and clean the cat’s sandbox too.

In my house, we get lunch and dinner together. I don’t know too much of cooking, but I want to learn to made typical Spanish food to prepare something to my family in the USA.

My holidays are different from yours, in Christmas I stay at home with my family, in summer we usually travel. The place I visited that I liked more was Italy, it was so beautiful and great.

Finally I want to thank you for accepting me in your house. I hope time passes quickly because I really want to start a new experience in your family and learn as much as possible from your culture and the American way!

See you soon!

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