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16, Female Student ID: 208JLFR003JYF France

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My name is Julie, and I’m currently in grade 11, so I’m sixteen years old but I’ll be seventeen when I leave for America. I live in a village in the Northeast of France. I live with my family which is composed of my mother, Anne, She’s a pharmacy assistant in a hospital, my father, Stéphane, a Cyber Security Manager working for IBM, my sister, Clara, currently in Reims, for a Business School preparatory class and finally, my brother, Raphaël who is in grade 8. My family and I care a lot about animals, so we have three cats, a rabbit and a turtle.

I study in a high school, it’s a great high school in the city center, very famous, I am happy to be there, I like it very much. We study French, English, Spanish, mathematics, history, physics, etc. Later on, I would very much like to focus on science, especially biological science because I would very much like to be a vet, it has been my dream since I was a little girl.

Sometimes, when I finish school and leave early, I go out in the shopping center with my friends, we all meet at the café or in the park. I am very attached to my friends, but I love meeting new people and talking with them!

To talk about myself, I would say that I am sometimes alone with myself for example to take a breath or dreaming of my future, but I prefer to be with my family or friends and share good time with them.

I’m always honest because I hate being lied to, I am also helpful, kind and devoted. I have some little flaws like being sometimes slightly naive or getting angry too quickly because I can’t control everything, or something is wrong, but my main quality is my sociability.

I sometimes practise swimming or Self-defense training but more often modern and Hip-Hop dance. I really like it but with all my school work, I had to make a choice!

I really love singing, I’ve already done performances, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

Why I want to leave? because I am very adventurous minded and I like to travel a lot! I’ve already been to South Africa, New York, Mexico, Martinique, the Dominican Republic, and European countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland etc. I am determined to learn English first and foremost for my future career, but also to discover Florida’s culture that really interests me. I would also like to improve my maturity and be able to be comfortable in all situations.

I’d be really happy if you chose me.

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