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Kanokporn (Dada)

17, Female Student ID: 218AYTH424JYF Thailand

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LETTER FROM Kanokporn (Dada)

Kanokporn (Dada)

7Hello my name is Kanokporn. My nickname is Dada. I’m 17 years old . I’m 152 high. I live in the capital city in Thailand. I have my own house. I’m living with mom, dad, sister and me. My dad is a police officer. He’s very kind and he’s a family man. My mom has her own business, she’s always busy, talkative. I have 1 sister her name is Panadda, 18 years old. Taya is her nickname and she’s older than me 1 year. She’s very good in Chinese.

My hobbied; listening to the music, seeing movies, especially series about MARVEL STUDIO I’m a big fan. Like Captain America, Avengers, Black Panther, Thor, Spiderman, Iron man, And in NETFLIX too such as 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Korea series, Harry Potter. And I love to cooking but I’m not really good but I still love to do but I don’t have much time to do too. I like to play sport like badminton, volleyball, chair ball, handball. Usually after school or free time at school.

And love to listen music. My favorite male singers are Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Lauv, Lany, Why Don’t We, The Weeknd and female singer is Ann Marie, Halsey and Dua Lipa. And I like Kpop too. My favorite Korea band is EXO, BLACKPINK.

I like to join school’s activities such as marched Aid’s day, and soon my school going to have a sport day I’m an agent in a class to march in sport day and dress up by the Thai national dress. I will apply for a candidate color committee. My favorite food is pizza, salad, burger, taco, Thai foods, Japanese foods. But I can’t eat beef because I respect the Guanine. My favorite dessert is ice-cream, cake, chocolate. My favorite color is green like an ocean or just green.

My Daily routine in the weekday is, I always get up at 5:40 am after that I go to the bathroom to take a shower and after that I have breakfast and leave for school at 6:40 am. My class starts at 8:30 but I have to arrive school before 7:40 because we have to stand in line and show respect for the nation while singing the national anthem at 8:00 every day before starts the class. And I arrive the school at 7:00-7:20 but someday arrive at school not in same time for every day because of bad traffic. Sometimes I go to school by bus. And have lunch at the cafeteria with my friends. And my class end at 3, 4 or 5 pm. I go back home around 6 pm. Some day before I go home. I visit the stadium to watch the sport like football. Sometimes I play volleyball after school to wait for my parent picking me up.When I reach home, I normally do homework. I usually go to bed at 11:30 -12:00 pm. In case of a lot of homework I’ll go to bed late.

And my daily routine in the weekend is, I get up late around 10:00a.m. and do homeworks if I finish all of my homeworks I will spend a time to rest like do my hobby or hangout with my friends.

I have friends of many classes because when we were at junior high school we were in the same class since 7 grade. Until we were 10 grade we moved to the different place because we have to choose programs to study for high school. But we’re still at the same school, some study Language – Arts French Program, Language – Art Japanese Program, Language – Art Chinese Program, science-math, math-English. And we still have a lunch together. My favorite subject is English, Physical Education.

And why I’m want to be an exchanged student in America? First I want to be good at English. I want to have an experience to live with american family, USA is very interesting country. And I wanna have American friends, foreign friends. Thank you for reading my story, hope you give me the opportunity to live with you.

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