My name is Lasse and I´m 16 years old. I live in a small town in Lower Saxony, 50 miles away from the coast, North Sea.

I have one brother, called Till, and one sister, called Neele. One of my grandparents have a farm and I like to help them or play with their cute dog, called Lotta.

My hobbies are watersports like wakeboarding, I also enjoy to ride my racing bike and I like to play on my computer.

Sometimes I play basketball with my brother and sister. Furthermore I really like to meet my friends. We play soccer, go to cinema or meet other students in town.

In my freetime I did volunteer work in the church, where I get my Youth leadership. There we planned a small party for our community and we decorated a float for a fun fair. Also I like to repair our bikes if something is damaged on them. Moreover I am an open-minded, humours, flexible and friendly person.

Last year I did an exchange to Spain. It was so wonderful. There I have gathered many new impressions and experiences. That´s the reason why I want to do an exchange year in the USA. I am really interested in your culture and I also want to see some sights. Furthermore I want to see how school life in America is, I also want to learn better english, but the most important thing of all is that I want to be a part of your family.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

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