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16, Female Student ID: 231TVSITA008JSF Italy

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My name is Laura, and I’m a 16-year-old student living in Rome, Italy. I’m currently attending a high school mainly focused on scientific subjects, that teaches also humanistic ones. I live in flat with my parents and my younger brother. My mother works as an engineer in ISPRA (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), where she is committed in protecting the environment and searching solutions to reduce human sources of pollution. Like my mother I’m very engaged in preserving our environment and acknowledging global warming. My father is an engineer as well who works with software and computers. My brother’s name is Luca and he is a 14-year-old middle school student who is very passionate about soccer and sports. I’m also very close to all my grandparents who are a fundamental part of my life. I try to see them as frequently as possible and spend some quality time together as I always have a good time and learn a lot from them.

In my free time I always try to do productive things rather than relaxing. I love music and playing the guitar, so every time I have the opportunity I practice and have a good time playing and singing. I also play in an orchestra where I’m surrounded with people with the same interests as me. I would consider myself as an easygoing and friendly person since I like spending time with people and hanging out with my friends. In fact I think spending time with people and building relationships is a very important aspect of life. On the other hand I sometimes enjoy being on my own reading books because it is a peaceful way to keep myself entertained.

Another big passion of mine is ballet which I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I take lessons three times a week and I perform on stage once a year. The sport I’ve been practicing for the longest is swimming, which isn’t what I’m most focused on anymore, but it definitely was a big part of my life. Other sports I do less frequently when I have the chance are roller skating and skiing.

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