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18, Female Student ID: 198JLFR003JYF France

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Hello! My name is Laurie and I am 17 years old. In France, I am in highschool, in 12th grade.

In my family, I am the eldest. I live with my mother and my father. I also live with my brother who is 14 and my sister who will be 3 years old…

I think I am a joyful and attentive person. However, I have some flaws. I am shy and sometimes when a person sees me for the first time, he or she thinks that I am distant and haughty but I am the contrary once you know me.

When I have free time, I like reading, listening to music and dancing. I have been dancing since I was 5 and I go to fitness classes. I love spending time with my family, visiting my grandparents and looking after my sister. I help my parents with some housework when they ask me and sometimes even if they don’t ask me. I like cooking, especially cakes but I am not a big eater yet.

I love Christmas period, I think that is one of the best moment in the year. The atmosphere, the lights, the Christmas decoration… It is a wonderful moment.

I am not particularly comfortable with big dogs and I am arachnophobic. I love cats.

As for Education, I am rather studious even if I sometimes have bad moments.

I get involved in the things I do.

I am not afraid of other people’s points of view on me but I can become quiet when something goes wrong. I don’t easily show my feelings.

Sometimes, I need to be on my own, in my own little world. During these moments of solitude, I dance, listen to music or I procrastinate.

I want to come in the USA because it’s my dream and I want to discover a new culture and a new country. I love traveling.

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