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17, Male Student ID: 198JLFR024JYM France

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I can say I’m so happy to come in USA, that’s why I write this letter for you with enjoy!

To start, my name is Leo, I’m 17 years old. I live in France in a big city in the south of France, it’s also where I study in high school, I study the science of the economic and social. I like this city because we can always do somethings (cinema, commercial center …).

We have a cat (Canelle) and a dog (Chocolat) and yes my dog have the name of chocolate not because I like and I like that a lot but because he got the color of the chocolate.

I’m mature, dynamic and independent, and it’s not a problem to be in another country. I’m serious, always in a good mood, smiling, and I adapt very easily.

Family for me is essential, the links that I have with my parents are very strong. So, I will introduce you my family: My dad is P.I Teacher in a high school. My mum is assistant of direction. I also have a sister Louna, she is 20 years old, and she’s study the law at the university. They are enjoy for me about my decision to go to in the USA.

I like sport I every times practice sport since I’m young but now I play basketball. I really love that game, I train 4 times a week and I practice musculation.

I’m already went 3 times in USA (New York, California, Orlando), I’m really happy to go to the USA. I like the american culture and the people, I want to discover a new country, a new culture, to speak english very well.

See you soon.

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