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17, Male Student ID: 231TVSITA004JSM Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Dear Host Family,

I’m Leonardo I’m 16 years old. I was born In Milan but now I live in a small town close to Venice and Treviso.

My two main passions are motorcycles, actually I also like cars, and Parkour that is the sport that I practice since the summer of 2018. I train in a gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night but sometimes during the warm and hot seasons even during the weekend. I meet with most of my friends and work out together, we go to a park or in a place were there are a lot of walls were we jump on or of, and we stay there for hours while listening to some music.

My daily routine is waking up at 7:00, I dress up and I leave my house without having breakfast and I go to school with my bike or by feet, I stay at school for 5 hours and then I go back home, I eat some pasta, I chill on my bed for an hour or two, it depends how much I have to study. I study until 7 pm and then I take a train, I go to the gym where I stay there from 8 pm to 10 pm, then I come home, I have dinner a shower and I go to seep. My daily routine completely changes up when it’s summer especially if I am in Sardegna that is a really famous Italian island where a lot of people have a house because the sea is amazing and they stay there for most part of the summer. I do too, I go there every year since I was in my mum’s belly. Because I have a house there. There I have zero responsibilities because I don’t need to study or anything so I usually wake up really late because I come home really late at night then I have breakfast/lunch and I go to the beach with my friends and we usually listen to music or play volleyball (I love playing volleyball) and we stay there till 8 pm. Sometimes we take a boat to somewhere where we can dive and stay there for a few hours. Then I come home I have a shower I eat with my mum and my grandparents, and soon after that I hang out with my friends.

I have two more passions, one is music I love music and I listen to all kind of musical genres except rock, drill and classical music, and the second one is traveling, I love traveling. I went to Paris, Barcelona two times, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Monaco, London, Greece, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, I did a tour of a lot of canyons like the “Grand Canyon” or the “Antelope Canyon” and I went to San Francisco. As an exchange student I would like to understand the habits of another country and to understand and try how the American teaching works, because in the future I would like to do my university in English.

I obviously want to learn English as well as I can. Beyond the statements I wrote before there are many reasons to go in the USA, like living with another family, meet new people and to experience the “American lifestyle” that always fascinated me.

Thank you for having me.

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