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15, Female Student ID: 218ICSP419JYF Spain

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My name is Lydia, I’m 15 years old and I live in Spain, most specifically in a small town near the city.

My father works in a company as a Sales Manager, my mother is psychologyst and teacher. I have a brother called Alejandro who I love and we don’t argue too much. They support me a lot.

I have a dog named Coco, I love playing with him. I have a lot of friends, I love to hang out with them before and after school. Before schools starts, they wait for me at the door.

I sing and play the Spanish guitar, normally I sing English songs because I don’t really like Spanish music, I would like to play more instruments like piano. My favourite music group is Queen I love them, Freddie Mercury is my idol.

My favourite food is fried potatoes and breaded filet. I don’t play any sport, I’ve tried a lot of sports but none fits with me. However, there’s an activity that I like which is skating. My favourite series are Stranger Things and Pretty Little Liars, I’ve watched both in English and Spanish. My favourite films are “It” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” I like scary movies but I get scared easily.

I love traveling to different places, that’s why I’m so excited to go to USA because I’ve never been there and I would like to learn everything about USA.

At school I’m quiet and well behaved, my favourite subjects are history and biology I find them interesting, I don’t like maths because I’m not fond of numbers.

I’m quite shy at the beginning but when I take confidence I can talk about everything.

I want to go to USA because I want to improve my english and speak it fluently and also get to know the american culture, I want to learn the traditions, basically I want to learn everything about USA.

Thank you for this opportunity and hope to see you soon

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