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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Hello American family!

My name is Manuel and I’m almost 16 years old. I am an open person, I like to meet new people and talk to them, friendly and sportive.

Where I live it’s a very sunny place. In wintertime, we have around 47ºF the lowest at night and in summer time we have around 104ºF the highest. I like the summer weather because I like to go to the beach and go to the swimming pool with my family and friends. To get to the beach it takes us 1 hour by car.

I have one brother and one sister. My sister is 13 years old, she is very sportive and does tennis since she is 4 years old and when we play she wins me. This year she started to do rowing at the same rowing club us me. She also likes music; she plays very well the trumpet. She is very funny and we do a lot of things together and I really like her.

My Little brother, Javier, is 10 years old, he is very energetic and he is all the day laughing with everybody. After school he does athletics three times a week in my town’s sport Centre.

My parents work both. My mother works for the local government as an economist and my dad is an hotel manager. I have a very good relationship with all the family and we like to do things together. Last November, was my dad’s fifty birthday and we went to Germany to see the Christmas markets.

My school is 5 minutes from my house. In my school there are around 600 students between high school and ESO. There is a soccer court, a playground, a very large gym and two buildings with classes for 30 people each. One of the characteristics of my school is that we work with computers and tablets and in groups of 4 people, not being usual in my city. Right now I am in 4ESO 10th grade, the last year before starting high school. I have many subjects, my favorites are physics and chemistry, biology and physical education and the one I like the least is language. I still have not decided that I want to study or what to be when I grow up, but I think I would like to study something related to science and not to letters.

I have many friends, but mainly they are divided into two groups. One group is rowing friends and the other is my people. With my rowing friends I like to go around my city to go around the center and do activities like tennis or football in the club where we paddle and with my people I like to play football because they are very good and athletes and also go around the town.

In my school we have made many exchanges with different countries in Europe, such as France, Italy and England and I have always liked to know other cultures and ways of life different from ours. These have always been a weeklong and have always been short. This decision I have thought a lot because I will miss my family and friends, but in turn, I will meet people who in that case will be my new family and my new friends.

In summer I usually go to my grandfather’s house on the beach, which is an hour from my house by car. We usually spend a few days there the whole family. I like it a lot because I have many friends near there and also many cousins with whom to have fun. Every year we make a trip abroad around a week.

At Christmas we usually spend time with family and friends. On December 24 we have dinner with my father’s family and on December 25 with my mother’s family. The two days we have a great time as we see all the cousins. At the end of the year, we rented a house on the beach with several families all friends and have a fantastic time.

Thank you very much to the family for hosting me and I am looking forward to meet you to learn about your culture and so I will tell you about mine.

See you soon in the USA!

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