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16, Female Student ID: 218LTSP407JYF Spain

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Hi, I am Maria. I’m 15 and I live with my parents and my little brother Alvaro in a flat in a big city with 4 million of people. Is the capital and its located in the centre of Spain. Its very beautiful it has a lot of parks, places to visit and to go shopping. My neigborhood is at twenty minutes to the centre town.

With my family I talk a lot, I go on summer to the beach, we swim in family in the see, we play pin pon, we go to visit places and we often go to excursions to the mountain. I pass a lot of time with my brother, I love he so much and we go surfing, play and read together. Sometimes I help him with his homework and with his studies. I usually meet with my grandparents I think they are very good persons and they are also loving, charming and kind people. In summer or in christmas I see my cousins and we have a lot of fun, we talk, play, joke and laugh a lot. I love have dinner and talk with my cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents and also to visit places and going to the amusement park.

I love animals, since I was little I wanted to have a dog. Now I have a turtle.

I like meet with my friends, listen music, do sport, go surfing in summer and be with my family. When I meet with my friends we usually go to have dinner, to take photos and I also some days meet at night with a lot of friends.

I want to go to USA to learn new costoms, english, to know new friends, to have fun and to be autonomous. I decided to go and my parents rely me. I want to find there a loving and caring family, if it es possible with any brothers, sisters or both. I’m frightened for big spiders but it doesn’t matter. I think the most difficult thing will be the first school day.

Last year I went to París in a school trip without my parents for a week and I stayed in a french family. I visited the Tour Eiffel, the trunfio’s arc, the Palace of Versalles, the Louvre museum…We had a great time with the school trip. The best thing was that there I met with french people and now they come to Madrid to visit us. I learnt some french experssions.

In my freetime I play with my brother, I watch a film with my family or friends and sometimes I read. When I’m only at home I usually study, watch my series or often I call my friends.

My mother is a lawyer. My father is economist . My Little brother is called Alvaro, he is 10and he is a student like my, we study in the same school. I live with my parents and we spend a lot of time with them specially on weekends.

I study since I was 3 in the school, it is a catholic school with more than a thousend of students. My favorite curses are maths, geography and english, I don’t like history and music because they are very difficult. I am always happy in class and some people make me laugh I have a good relation with teachers because i am attentive in class. I go to school by car with my father. On Wednesday I go from school to home by bus.

At home I help with housework. I always pick up my bedroom, sometimes the living room and the kitchen. I don’t cook but my parents are teaching me. Now I know how to do a french omelette and pasta.

Out of school I do gymnastics and I often run. I like to spend the time meeting with my friends. In weekends I meet with my friends, I study, I often meet with my cousins and I do sport.

I am anxious to meet you, have this experience and to know some of you. Thank you so much for everything!

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