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Maria (Masha)

16, Female Student ID: 228WURU002JYF Russia

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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LETTER FROM Maria (Masha)

Maria (Masha)

Dear host family,

Thank you very much for reading this letter. I am greatful that you host pupils from other countries and allow students to live with your family and learn about your traditions.

I will be happy to visit your family and I will be very pleased to exchange cultures and values of our nations.

My name is Masha. I am 16 years old. I’ve been dreaming of going to America since I was a little girl. Thanks to you this dream can come true.

As for my family, I have a younger brother. He is two years younger than me. He likes computer games, and sometimes I play Minecraft with him. My mother is an English teacher and my father is a psychology teacher.

I am very interested to learn about your lifestyle and what life in American families looks like.

Generally, I have a lot of activities at school. In winter, I have a winter school prom. Once a week I have a dance lesson at school. We are taught to dance a waltz. In spring, there is a fair. Students from all over the school bring different homemade food, and then we sell them to each other. The money from the fair goes to charity. Every spring the school has a ”subbotnik”. Once a week we clean the school grounds. Also, my school has an apple orchard. Even in summer, my friends and I go there and pick big bags of apples.

As for my hobbies, I really like reading. I usually read fantasy and adventure, but sometimes classical literature as well. Also, in my free time I like to watch Netflix. In the winter, I go skiing with my family every weekend. I really enjoy alpine skiing.

In the summer, I travel a lot with my parents. Almost every year we go to different countries for summer vacations. I have been to Spain, Cyprus, Georgia and Turkey.

I also go rollerblading, longboarding or skateboarding in the summer. Not only that, but I also know how to ride a horse, swim, ride a bike, build fires, paint, play the piano, cook, do pottery, hike, garden, play tennis and volleyball.

I will be very happy to have a brother or sister if you have children in your family.

I dream of the time when I meet you and be able to express all my gratitude to your family.

Thank you very much.

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