Hello, ,y name is Marta and I am 15 this summer. I am from a little city of Spain. I live with my family in a flat, also I have a brother, his name is Adolfo and he is 12.

In the future I would like to study business and law. My mom works as a financial controller and I like it too. My dad is a PE teacher.

I speak English and also I am learning French language.

I´ve been going to my school since I was 3. Now I am in the 8th grade. I practice a lot of sport because I love it. At the moment, I am practising volleyball and athletics, but also I like to play basketball, ride on bike, swimming… In February, my family and my best friend family are going to skiing in Andorra, I am so excited for that.

I love cooking with my mom and my grandmothers. I help at home and I take care of my brother when my parents are outside. In my family we love doing differents activities and travelling a lot, visiting places, spending time with our family or playing some table games.

I´ve been in USA twice, two summers ago in New York and in Connecticut. Last summer I was in California, both years with differents host families. These were the best experience of my life. Regarding this I think I have a good background before start in the 10 month program.

Also I love travelling, I have been in Italy, in Portugal, in France, in England and of course in USA.

I want to go one year because I want to learn about different cultures, different traditions, different experiences, I want to know people and to learn a lot.

Thanks a lot for opening your home to me!

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