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16, Male Student ID: 198LSIT027JYM Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Skiing or Snowboarding


I’m Matteo and I’m 16 years old.

I live in the metropolitan area of one of the well-known cities of Italy. I live in a terraced house in the full of greenery residential area, three miles from downtown.

I have a large family: my mum and my dad; I have two brothers and two sisters: Riccardo is 20, Chiara is 18, Benedetta is 13 and the youngest is Francesco, who is 9.

I attend the third year of scientific high school, whose main subjects are natural sciences, math and physics.

I go to school every day, but Sunday: I wake up at 6.30am and I have breakfast with my brothers and sisters. I usually go to school by car, but sometimes I have to go by bus. School starts at 8.15am and finishes at 1.05pm. Sometimes, after school I return home and have lunch with who that day returns from school or university or from work: it changes every day! Normally, who arrives first cooks for everyone. My parents are doctors, so they have variable working schedules.

Sometimes, instead, I have lunch with my friends and I study with them during the afternoon.

On Sunday, I usually get up between 9.00am and 10.30am and I stay home studying or I go out with my friends.

My favourites sports are climbing and snow skiing, in fact I have practiced three years of climbing and I go snow skiing every year for almost three weeks. I also enjoy playing athletics or (as I’m doing this year) going to the gym.

Besides these things, I also like cooking and listening to music. Moreover I love to go out with my friends. I like to have a lot of friends in addition to my true ones (those I share everything of my life with). And even if sometimes I’m a little bit withdrawn, I love to link with other people. Sometimes I’m a little bit talkative, but I also like when people talk to me about themselves. I love travelling, visiting new places and meeting new people

I really can’t wait to arrive in the US and I hope you’ll be happy to host me next year.

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