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Thank you for reading this letter and giving me the opportunity to live in the United States for one year. In this letter, I want to introduce myself to you.

My name is Meilee, and I live with my mom in a suburb, which has about 11,000 inhabitants. It is circa 20 minutes away from the city center by car. My parents are divorced, so my dad lived alone in the city, but he moved to Dubai about three months ago.

I have a good relationship with my family and my friends. I know that my parents will always stand behind me and help me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of contact with my other relatives except my grandma, who lives in the same suburb as me. The rest of my family either lives in China or not near me in Germany. With my friends, I also have a very good relationship. I have a lot of different friend groups, as my friends from school and Chinese school, from the ice hockey and hockey team. In addition, I also have contact with a few classmates from elementary school, who were in the same class as me. I am very grateful to have so many friends and that I can always talk to them.

I live across from my school, which has approximately 1,000 students. I attend the tenth grade there and most of the time I like school because I am happy to learn new things. I am not completely sure yet what I want to study in the future, but astronomy or astrophysics would be a possibility. I am very interested in the universe because it is so unbelievably big, and we know so little about it. I am just speechless when I look up into the sky and see the number of stars and that they are only a small part of all.

I was involved as a tutor last year in school and helped the new pupils in the 5th grade in encouraging them and showing them around in school. Every class had 4 tutors, and we organized meetings with them like eating ice cream or playing games in the afternoon so that they would get to know each other better and can improve their teamwork in class. We also were and still are mentors for them in school if they have any issues so that they can talk to us. Additionally, I am in the “first-aid-team” in school, which is very interesting. We learned first aid, which I think is very important, also outside of school. We are the contact persons for them if they are injured. I like it very much to help people.

Since my mom is Chinese, I go to a Chinese school every Saturday. I am very grateful to have the chance to learn this language, which is getting very important nowadays. So now I have been learning Chinese for 10 years already and I am planning to go to Beijing, the capital of China, for one year after my graduation. Furthermore, my best friend from the Chinese school and I want to visit her relatives In Beijing in some holidays, too.

I have a lot of hobbies, which I am doing during my spare time. I play ice hockey on the school’s team since last year and I really love it. We have an ice rink next to the school so we have practice once per week and on Sunday and Monday evening there’s also ice hockey for everybody. That means that everybody can come and we all play together what is really fun. Besides that, my friends and I go ice skating nearly every day.

Furthermore, I have been playing Hockey for four years now and this sport is just great. I love my team and when we have games its always a lot of fun and we play a lot of music in the cabin and we are just really crazy. Furthermore, I coach the children from our hockey club before my own practice every week, which is hard sometimes, but mostly fun. Besides these sports, I also like jogging, but I don’t do that regularly. I only go rarely with a friend of mine when we have time. Additionally, I did gymnastics for more than two years, but then I quit it last year because I didn’t make me have fun anymore.

Another hobby of mine is playing piano, which I have been doing since I was six years old. I love to play this instrument because I like to make music by myself and when I’m playing, I can forget everything else. I took piano lessons until last year for 8 years but stopped this year because I wanted to concentrate more on school. Besides these hobbies, I like a lot of art stuff like drawing or painting. Mostly I try different styles and techniques or I also make a lot of portraits of my friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time besides school and my hobbies to follow painting and drawing regularly. Furthermore, I have a Bullet Journal, since September, which is like a planner where to draw and design the weekly layouts by yourself. It needs time to think of the designs, but I love it to find different themes for every week. I am happy to spend more time on drawing and creativity now.

Now I want to relate you why I decided to do an exchange year. I have been dreaming of it since the fifth grade because I have always been loving to travel and to discover new countries and places. I want to experience a new way of living with a foreign culture and its language. I think it is a great opportunity to overcome your fears and limits. I chose the United States because I want to improve my English and I have always been more interested in the United States than in other English-speaking countries. A few years ago we went to New York and Cape Cod in the summer holidays, and I liked it very much. Furthermore, I want to see the way of an American high school with its “school spirit”. So I think a year abroad is a unique adventure to collect many experiences for your life.

Thank you for reading this letter and for making this year possible. I am very happy that my dream comes true!

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