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16, Female Student ID: 198AIIT003JYF Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



My name is Nicoletta, I am sixteen years old and I was born in a beautiful region of northern Italy surrounded by mountains. I live in a big house with my family, who consists of my mother, my dad, my younger sister and our dog Kaja.

I am a vibrant, responsible young girl who is always ready and curious to discover new things. I am very open-minded, friendly with everyone, and I always try to approach every situation with confidence and positivity. I consider myself to be organized, orderly, and precise.

My father is from Sicily and my mom is from Slovakia, and thanks to this I have always lived with people from different places. I speak Italian fluently and also Slovak.

My relationship with school and studies is very positive. I’m attending the third year of high school (focused in human sciences with social economics profile) located in my city. I have a lot of good classmates and very professional and cooperative teachers.

My hobbies are various. However the most important one and that represents me is definitely dancing. For many years I have been attending a dance and musical school where we put on a show every year, usually in June. It is like my second home: I find there every day many people who have been part of me and have always supported me, and for me to dance with them is really a liberation, but above all an enormous source of fun.

I love to pass the rest of my free time at home, maybe in front of a good movie. When I am with my friends instead, I often go out for a pizza, at the cinema or I just stay at home with them. I think that friendship is precious and an important value, which must be guarded in a serious and respectful way.

Now, I would like to tell you a little about my family, the people with whom I always have beautiful moments. Our favorite hobby is to travel as much as possible, because we believe it is a very effective way to learn and discover new cultures. My family has always educated me and grew me up with effective rules but with a lot of love and I owe them a lot: they have always supported me in my passions, but especially in the choice to face this new experience.

I would like to say to my host family that I will be very happy to meet you and that I am polite and I try to help as much as possible at home. I’m happy to have the opportunity to have this experience and I hope to find people who, like me, want to give the best of themselves this year.