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Nitchakamol (Nicky)

16, Female Student ID: 198AYTH045JYF Thailand

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LETTER FROM Nitchakamol (Nicky)

Nitchakamol (Nicky)

Hello my name is Nitchakamol. My nickname is Nicky. I’m 16 years old. I’m studying in grade 10. In my family there are 4 people, my father, my mother, my older brother and I. My father is an engineer. My mother is a housewife she always looks after me and my brother. My father usually move location to work many province depends on his project. My brother is study in Faculty of Architecture at University. He is 4 years older than me. He is a quiet boy, but he is a good brother. Many people always tell that my brother and I have similar face.

On my free time, I watch movies, korean series, read the fictions, play games. Sometimes my friends and I go to amusement parks during school break. I don’t have any pet because I’m scared of dogs but I love cats and rabbits. I usually go to school with my mom but when my mom is busy I will go to school by myself public bus.

I have been to Malaysia for studying in STEM Education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic Education) that was the first time I went abroad. I have 5 close friends at school. We are close friends since we studied in grade 8. We can talk about everything and any problems. I also have another one best friend. Her name is Katang. She studies in different school. We are friend since grade 1 to grade 6. When I was in grade 7, I had ever contested national costume dress. in each ASEAN country. I dressed in Vietnam national costume.

I usually wake up at 6 am every day because my school starts the first class at twenty past eight to learn homeroom to talk with class instructor after that at half past eight we get start first subject. We learn until noon and go to eat lunch, and start next subject at 1 pm. and learn until 4 pm.

I travel to the other provinces. My favorite province is my mother and my father hometown. When I go there I always go to the waterfall and beach with my cousins. At that beach in have a pink dolphins also. I’ve never seen it because if I need to see I have to go to the sea with small boat. I thought it’s dangerous. Anyway I like going to the sea, I like walking on the beach

I’m not good at sports except swimming. I can play some music instruments such as Ukulele, Flute recorder and I can sing. I like K-pop singer. When I am at home lonely I will do household work such as laundry, wash dishes or clean the house. I can do a little bit of cooking such as omelet, fried pork, etc. I like to eat bakery, sweets such as ice-cream (cookies and cream flavor),pudding, bubble milk tea(a lot). I can eat many vegetable but I don’t like cucumber and carrot.

I like to learn language more than other subjects because it’s very important. I’ve got exam with AYC two time when I was grade 8 and 9, I passed but I thought I was not ready at that time. I’m not sure about my dream in future but I want to work about aviation or interpreter. My interest for being a cultural exchange student because I want to know new cultures and different societies from Thailand. Why I choose to go this country because I’m interested in USA it has many cities and it’s the dream country of many people, including me.

Hopefully my qualification would fulfill to your family. I’m looking forward to get a good opportunity of being a part of your family. Thank you for reading my statement.

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