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16, Female Student ID: 198JLFR007JYF France

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My name is Noémie and I’m 15 years old. I think I am a girl who is pleasant has to live because I am interested in many things and I know how to adapt myself to any situations. I also think that I have facilitated at school so I do not work a lot at home. In the house, I help for the domestic spots even if sometimes I do not want it. During the week I really need to see my friends except the high school, I love go out with them and listen music, laugh take some pictures or just talk, it’s so cool. In general the Wednesday’s afternoon I do my homeworks and I go in my village with my friends. Even if I adore seeing my friends I need a time during the day where I am alone.

Except seeing my friends I love have time with my family, the perfect moment for me is when we travel together. Even if my brother and I we quarrel I think that it is the best moments that I have never lived. I already went to the USA, to NY, and I adored it, it’s one of reasons why I wanted to leave during one years at Los Angeles, to see another one left of this wonderful country. I think this experience is a extraordinary chance which I have because I always liked the culture Americans and next year I am going to live it for real what is for me the best way of discovering her. In addition to all that I am going to have new friends, what is going to be really brilliant and I be going to be able to say that I am bilingual.

I can’t wait to live this experience to be able to discover so many things which I do not know. I think that the high school Americans is not at all the same that in France what really tempts me to discover it as quickly as possible.