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15, Male Student ID: 198EUSP043JYM Spain

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Hello, my name is Pablo and I am 14 years old (I will be 15 this fall), I´m tall and nice, funny, sociable… I come from a small city near to Madrid. That city have been considered many times as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it has a a roman aqueduct, a big castle and a gorgeous cathedral, but let’s talk about me! ?

I study in a concerted school. I have many hobbies, some of them are sports. I play badminton every fridays one hour, and I also play volley-ball during the school break with my friends and my twin brother Jaime, at the weekend I like to hike on the mountain or ride a bike in the village. My favourite sports are that ones who are played in water, like surf, windsurf and padle surf. I love them, but I only played them in summer camps. Other hobbies that I like to do are cooking, I do lots of recipes with Jaime (most of them are simple desserts), you and me can share recipes from our countries (spanish omelette is delicious). I also like music, I have been learning music since I was four, I play the piano, 2.5 hours per week, and I sing in the chorus. I like it pretty much, I’d like to learn how to play other instruments like trumpet or guitar.

My father works as a quality controller of roads. He likes pets (like me) and he have some pigs and ducks in the village, where I like to hang out with my friends. My favourite animals are the parrot and the dogs, but I haven´t any pets, and I am scared about snakes, that terrified me. My mother is a consumers defender and she likes to go to the gym.

About the food, I am used to eat many different types of food, except spicy, I don’t like.

I am excited about the idea to travel to America because I like visit new places and I am an open person to know more about a new culture, a new city, a different year, a different world. I would like live friendly and dynamic family and with boys and girls as me, but I like child too. For me it was the biggest surprise when my parents said me. I have hope for go there!

Thanks for all things and welcome in your home.

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